These 7 Airport Hacks Will Have You Breezing to Your Gate


Let’s be honest– trying to get from point A to point B in an airport is rarely stress-free. From the TSA to trying to figure out in-airport transit to arriving at your gate on time, the whole process is a pain. Luckily, for travelers of any kind, there are a TON of really great airport hacks that are both practical and simple.

Are you ready to learn some super cool airport hacks that will make your traveling adventures way easier? Let’s get started!

The Best Airport Hacks Of All Time

Are you ready to end airport stress for good? Check out these fantastic and practical tips and tricks for getting through your airport experience easily:


Bring Extra Ziploc Bags

We all know the drill. TSA requires passengers to organize their small liquids, soaps, sprays, gels, creams, etc. into clear plastic bags for easy access and visibility according to the 3-1-1 Rule. All containers must contain a maximum of 3.4 ounces (or 100 milliliters) per item.

It is actually a really good idea to bring more Ziploc bags than you anticipate on your travels or to buy more once you reach your destination.

It is really easy to lose a dainty plastic bag during your visit and you may accumulate more travel-sized liquid items that you’d like to bring back with you. Having those extra bags around could save you some major grief.

Research Your Parking Options

A plan can save you a ton of stress while flying.

Do some research on your destination and home airports’ parking lots. Instead of paying upwards of $30 a day to park your car in an airport parking lot, you may find more luck and a less expensive option through discount park-and-ride services.

Who doesn’t love saving money, especially for something as disposable as parking permits?

Buy A Laptop Case

This is something you should have already! A laptop sleeve or zip-up case helps protect your valuable electronics from debris, damages, and accidental spills.

When traveling via flight, storing your laptop in a case in an easy-to-reach spot can make your TSA and travel experience way easier.

Security and TSA agents will often make you send your laptop through the scanner separate from the rest of your carry-on gear, so be sure to have it in an accessible place to avoid fumbling around through TSA checkpoints.

Get Up-To-Date On The Newest Travel Gear

There are a million products out there that are designed to make traveling, especially at airports, much easier.

Try to stay up-to-date on new products that can make your travel woes less of a stress. From car seat luggage straps to ultra comfy airline pillows, there’s likely a product out there that can take care of any particular problem you may face while traveling.

Be sure to check out these new items with enough time to spare for shipping before you head out for the airport!


Empty Water Bottles Are Life Savers

Seriously! This is such an important hack.

Snacks, meals, gear, toiletries, and water bottles are all items typically sold at airports. However, they are usually sold at ridiculously high prices for people like us who forget to bring the essentials.

Bring your favorite water bottle in your carry-on bag to avoid spending an annoying amount of money on a disposable bottle of water and to also avoid running around your gate area looking for a water fountain.

To prevent having to blow a bunch of cash on totally avoidable purchases, make a checklist before you head out to the airport.

Did you bring a water bottle? How about sanitary items, a neck pillow, or reading materials? Making a list can really help out when traveling.

Work Around The TSA

There are way too many people that don’t know how to use the TSA to your advantage. Here’s a handful of handy tips involving the TSA:

  • Visit the TSA Pre-Check site and consider investing in an inexpensive 5-year membership that will allow you to breeze through security without having to toss out all your items for screening.
  • The Global Entry Program is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that will make traveling international way easier. Similar to the TSA Pre-Check, this program will make coming back to the States much easier and quicker.
  • Download the “My TSA” app. Wait, the TSA has an app? You can enter your airport info to find out how long TSA checkpoint wait times are and what the chances of departure delays are.
  • You can ask a TSA agent for something called a “hand scan”. A hand scan is an alternative to a magnetic scanner that could possibly affect travelers with a defibrillator implant, metallic implant, or other medical factors.
  • This hack is very important for travelers with applicable health conditions. Always notify TSA if a magnetic scanner is dangerous for your well-being! A hand scan is usually quicker, too.
  • On the subject of medical conditions, you are also allowed by the TSA to bring solid, frozen ice packs in your carry-on for medications that need to be kept cold.
  • As always, be sure to purchase travel-sized containers or toiletries before you start packing for your trip. Nobody wants their expensive skin care product or souvenir confiscated, which is exactly what the TSA will do if your liquid item does not abide by their 3-1-1 regulation.
  • Travel-sized containers are available at just about every drug or convenience store, so be sure to stock up on bottles and containers before you pack!

Bring Your Alcohol In Your Carry-On Bag – Seriously!

Believe it or not, the TSA 100% allows multiple small (approximately 3.4 ounces) bottles of liquor to be taken onboard via carry-on luggage.

You may not be able to drink your own alcohol on the flight (only alcoholic drinks served by the airline are allowed to be consumed on the aircraft) but once you land, you can get your party started ASAP.

Want More Life Hacks?

Life hacks are practical and awesome in any aspect of life– not just dealing with airports. There are so many cool life hacks out there that you can apply to tons of aspects of your life.

Just as well, sharing your own successful life hacks is just as important as snatching up ones that you find on the internet.

Have you tried any of these airport hacks and have a story to tell? We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about it in the comments below.

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