Successful People Have This Bedtime Routine: Do You?


The habits of highly successful people range from the most bizarre to the most mundane. But there is one secret to bedtime serenity, and we aren’t going to tell you exactly what it is until the end.

“Late to bed early to rise makes a man stupid and blind in the eyes,” said the dubious Mazer Rakham in Orson Scott Card’s award-winning novel “Ender’s Game.” Opinions are like… you know. Everybody has one, and it’s no different with bedtime routines. And this applies to both fictional characters and famous people as well.

Today, we here at New Life Hacks are going to cover what some successful people in history say about bedtime routines. Then, at the end, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to implement in your bedtime routine to find success in everyday life.


Elon Musk Avoids Caffeine

The man who founded Telsa motors and wants to blow up the martian ice caps with nuclear missiles used to drink eight Diet Cokes a day plus two cups of coffee.

When you consider his common sleep schedule, it makes a little bit of sense. The man would go to bed at 1 A.M and would wake at 7 A.M. This is two hours less sleep than the average person needs in a night.

But Mr. Musk found that his caffeine routine was too much for his body. He was getting “really wired,” probably meaning that his heart rate shot through the rough, and the customary anxiety of high caffeine users kicked in.

Now the man only drinks two Diet Cokes a day and eschews all caffeine a whole six hours before hitting the sack.

And this may not even be enough time for most people. If you want to emulate Elon Musks little trick and see real results, you need to probably start drinking decaf. If you drink coffee at 8 A.M you’re going to still have 25% of it in your system at 8 P.M. Not the best move for your bedtime routine.


Benjamin Franklin’s Four Things

Benjamin Franklin was a fan of routine. Although life sometimes got in the way of his plans, and his humanity sometimes foiled his drive for perfection, Mr. Franklin did have a bedtime routine that worked for him.

Franklin had a little book of virtues. In it, he recorded his daily routine. It was an ideal routine and often his printing business and other affairs interrupted his life. But he tried as he could to stick to it.

As opposed to his later morning routine of taking an “Air Bath,” (Mr. Franklin must have been an inspiring nudist) his nightly routine might seem familiar to some of you:

His routine was this:

Put things in their places

Benjamin Franklin had a saying, “A place for everything, everything in its place.”  It seems he lived by it.

And really, doesn’t it make sense. Successful people can’t be focused on the little ins and outs of storage and organization. Franklin definitely had the right idea.


Franklin was a health-conscious man. He had several famous sayings about food that have definitely stuck around as some of those “successful people” quotes:

“Eat to live; live not to eat,” “A full belly makes a bad brain,” and “To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.” Supper for Benjamin Franklin was probably modest as he liked to keep his figure.

Supper for Benjamin Franklin was probably modest, as he liked to keep his figure.

Music or Diversion or Conversation

It seems that the great sage of the American Revolution liked to relax a little before bed. Depending on who was in the house with him, he most likely had someone play him some music, or played some music himself. In fact, the man

In fact, the man invented an instrument called the glass armonica. It became famous, even Mozart composed some music for it.

Examination of the Day

Benjamin Franklin created for himself a set of thirteen virtues. He set about to incorporate these virtues into his life. He surmised that if he could work on one virtue every day for a week, he could achieve moral perfection within thirteen weeks.

Thus, each night Mr. Franklin examined whether he had achieved his daily goal of being virtuous.


President Obama Reads Books

If you were the leader of the free world, what would you do before you went to bed?

Although Mr. Obama is known as the “Night Owl President,” he still succumbs to the sandman sometimes. And when he does he has a nightly routine just like the rest of the American public.

Our President is a family man. He has two young daughters who like to be tucked in. And after he sends Malia and Natasha off to the land of dreams, he picks up a good old fashioned dead tree. I mean, he reads analog books (sorry Amazon Kindle).

His reading choice isn’t always non-fiction. He reads adult and children’s literature ranging from Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls to Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

If you want to be like the President of the United States, read books. Lots of books.


Arianna Huffington Unplugs

When you think of the leader of one of the largest online news sources in the country, you probably don’t think of someone who would unplug from digital technology, like ever.

But Arianna Huffington used to be a tech addict and insane workaholic.  But in 2007 she came crashing down, literally. One evening she lost consciousness and hit her head on her desk. She later found herself in the arms of her 17-year-old daughter, not knowing what had happened to her.

As it turns out, her problem was simple, she was not getting enough sleep. Her solution? Turn everything off before bed. She even has a handy infographic to help you reach your goal of sleeping like Arianna Huffington.


For Successful People, The Answer is Simple

Whether you brush your hair, watch a particular show before bed, arrange the pillows in a certain way, or read books in bed, haveing a nighttime routine that helps you relax is the only real answer. That and getting enough sleep.

Your brain needs that nightly, familiar signal to help it get ready for dream time. Make a routine and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s browsing social media for a few minutes or examining your day. Your routine will be unique to you, but make it firmly consistent.

Now go, emulate the successful people of the world. Make a routine for yourself and let us know what it is in the comments below. Happy hacking!

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