10 Microsoft Excel Hacks That Will Make You an Organization Wizard


Excel is a very powerful productivity and office tool. That’s why it’s installed on basically every office computer across the globe.

After its release in 1985, Excel transformed the way businesses were able to store and track their data completely. Long gone are the days of keeping hand-written logs of your data.

Instead, Excel has allowed businesses to keep budgets and even forecast results using incredible coding built into the program, making it easier than ever to use the program to your advantage.

So, after 31 one years of breaking ground in the business world, how can Excel possibly get any better?

New Life Hacks is here to offer you some 10 Microsoft Excel Hacks that will make you an organizational wizard and the envy of your office. They may help you so much that you may not even want to tell your friends and coworkers!

Without further ado, let’s get into our Top 10 Excel Hacks!

Excel hacks that will change the way you work


1- Open files in bulk

If you’ve ever been faced with the task of finding a specific piece of information in a sea of Excel documents, this Excel hack is for you.

Instead of manually opening each document one-by-one, select a group of documents (perhaps the top 5 that you think what you’re looking for may be in) and hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard.

Now, all of those Excel documents will open and be available for you to look through.

2- Move between Excel files with ease

Accidentally inputting a formula or piece of information into the wrong Excel file can result in a disaster as far as your results go.

As a part of working with Excel, you’re likely to have to move between multiple files at any given time. Easily shift between files to place the right information in the correct place by hitting “crtl” + “tab” to shift between docs– you’re welcome!


3- Delete blank cells all at once

Cut down on empty cells that may make reading your data more difficult by deleting them all at once.

Keeping empty cells within your document can easily create false data when you are trying to calculate an average value, so being aware of those empty cells is integral to getting the right answer. Instead of trying to work these empty cells into your equation– just get rid of them!

First, select the column with the empty cells. Then select “Data” from your menu. Select “Filter” next.

From the Filter menu, you’ll be able to select “(blanks)” as a filter to apply. Those empty cells will no longer exist within your document.

4- Keep your 0’s

Whenever a value is entered with an 0 at the beginning, Excel will automatically delete this zero. Keep your number the way it should be appearing, which is important in the case of a client’s account number, with a simple hack.

Add a single apostrophe into the fx bar in order to keep the zero where it is. As an end result, the information in your fx bar should look like: ‘011261


5- Autocorrect difficult information

As most Excel users know, working with long names and information can be a pain when you have to input that information into your document on multiple occasions.

If you’ve ever seen those funny iPhone hacks where one word triggers a replacement for another word (ie: the word school being automatically corrected to “beach”), this is the Excel hack version!

Instead of typing out New Life Hacks every single time, you can program Excel to recognize “NLH” as something that needs to be autocorrected to “New Life Hacks.”

6- Select all in one click

Gone are the days of clicking a column and your mouse along the screen to select all the cells you need to.

Not only is that the long way to do things, it can often result in you losing all that work with a single rogue click or letting go of the mouse too soon. When that happens, you’ll have to start all over again.

Instead, try this: click the cell with a triangle in it. This cell is located in the top left of the document, right between the “1” and “A” cells.

If you want to avoid clicks and use your keyboard only, “ctrl” + “a” will also do the trick and select all the cells in the document at once!


7- Get more information

This particular Excel hack will turn you into a data wizard with just a single click.


After you select a collection of data that you wish to analyze, check out the bottom right of your Excel window. You’ll typically be able to view the average of your selected data along with some other information for your analytical use.

If you want to know more information about the data you’ve selected, simply click on that bar and you will be able to select what additional information you’d like to view.

8- Rename your sheet

Working with multiple sheets is pretty common, and so a common annoyance is also working with multiple sheets that are automatically titled Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3.

Instead of right clicking each sheet’s tab to rename it, try double clicking instead. It saves you some time and energy by allowing you to type in the new name with ease.


9- Copy and merge information

If you’d like to move information from one sheet over to another, effectively copying it into a different place to better analyze your data, there’s an easy way to get this done!

To copy and merge information from one sheet to another, simply right-click the tab of your “source” sheet. This will give you the option to select “Move or Copy” from a menu.

After you select that option, a window will open where you are given the choice of which sheet to input the information into. From there, you are able to have the information moved over and placed in the specific location you need it to be. Sweet!

10- Get to where you left off

If you’re like most of us, we’re used to dealing with seemingly endless Excel sheets from day to day. Instead of scrolling to find the place you left off at the end of the last shift, simply press “Crtl” + SHIFT + End.

This command will let you locate and get to the last cell in your document.


Excel hacks make life easier, right?

You are now a certified organizational wizard with these Excel hacks under your belt.

It’s true, any hack can help you make your life easier. That’s why New Life Hacks is here for you. Let us know what you think or what you’d like to see next by contacting us.

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