Make Money Online: 6 Side Hustle Sites that Pay for What You’re Already Doing


It’s basically everybody’s dream to work from home. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of the entire US workforce says they would at least like to telecommute part time. But what if you don’t have the gumption to actually quit your nine to five, brick and mortar job? What if you don’t have the skills for any of the jobs that will make you money online?

Well, your dream of telecommuting isn’t dashed against the rocks. Don’t worry. We’ve got something for everybody who wants to make money online here at New Life Hacks.

Small tasks are easy to outsource these days. From getting your daily coffee fix, to delivering a package across town, little entrepreneurial companies are cropping up all over the place. Why wouldn’t it be any different for the internet?

Virtual work can be just as lucrative, if not more so than physical work. So why not take some of your what you already do, and turn it into cash?!

Do you research stuff for fun on the internet? Do you watch videos or surf from site to site?

Then there are plenty of places you can turn useless habits into things that make you money online.

Let’s look at six of these, and be aware that there are many others out there. You just have to look.


1. Make Money Online With User Testing

Do you tend to talk to yourself while you browse the internet? Well, I do… I don’t answer myself, don’t worry. I’m not insane. But even if you don’t talk to yourself while you browse the internet, you do browse the internet, right? Why not make money at the same time!

User Testing is an online website review service that collects user opinions on various sites. The interesting thing about these reviews, they’re real-time. You essentially visit the site, complete a set of tasks, and talk about what you’re doing throughout the process. It’s really quite easy.

How much do you get paid? $10-15 for a twenty-minute review. That’s $60 or more dollars an hour! Do you get paid $60 an hour? I sure don’t. Seems worthwhile, doesn’t it?


2. Make Money Online With Wonder

Have you ever wondered how many pennies it would take to save the rainforest? Have you ever spent hours online trying to find out how many pennies that would actually take? Then the Wonder research job is just the thing for you.

They look for dedicated people who are willing to dive deep into the internet and answer the most interesting questions. Anybody can come to Wonder for answers to questions. It costs a small fee, and Wonder will employ one of their many researchers to provide an answer.

The answer consists of three short summary facts and a several paragraph deep dive of the topic.

They estimate that the most a topic will take to research is 2-3 hours. And the pay ranges from $15-$23. This may not seem like a ton of money, but if you’re already researching stuff, why not get paid?


3. Make Money Online With Swagbucks

You’re on the internet right now, right? Why in Pete’s name aren’t you earning money by being here?! Get on Swagbucks right now and sign up.

They’ve already paid out $120 million dollars to people just because they searched the internet, took surveys, and completed small tasks. I mean, what if someone told you they could pay you every time you looked for something in the grocery store? Wouldn’t you take it?

Granted, some of the payment comes in gift cards. But who wouldn’t want to get gift cards besides on their birthday and the holidays?


4. Earn Money Online With Smart Panel

Smart Panel is an online statistics company that anonymously collects data about internet users. They claim it’s not sold to third parties and is used solely for statistical analysis. Whether this is true or not, we cannot verify. But since the gods of the internet already know everything about you, why not shut up and take the free money? I did!

You get five dollars just for signing up. You’ve been signing up for stuff for free all the time, right? Now you’ll feel cheated each time you give your information to a new service.

As long as you keep the app installed on your device you will receive five dollars a month. Every quarter you will receive an additional ten to fifteen dollars as a loyalty bonus. Add it all together for a year, and you’ll get $115 a year just for having an app on your phone. Imagine if Angry Birds did this for you five years ago. You’d be rich by now…sorta.

Imagine if Angry Birds did this for you five years ago. You’d be rich by now…sorta.


5. Earn Money Online With RewardTV

Did you watch The Walking Dead episode that aired last night? No? Well, I won’t spoil it for you. I’m sure the Ricktatorship will continue into eternity anyway. But if you’re a TV-aholic like me, you’re going to want to jump into this deal.

No, you won’t get money for the time you spend binge watching (if you’d like to start that scheme, I’ll be your first customer). But you can earn money for knowing stuff about the shows you just watched.

Now it doesn’t pay much. But if you take their quizzes, outside of the ten to twenty dollars you will earn a month, you’ll get a chance in special contests. If some of the prizes are as high as $10,000 dollars in pure gasoline.


6. Earn Money Online With Validately

Got a half hour? How about five minutes? Time is money, right? Why not use your time to test websites for money with this one? You’ll get $5 for five minutes or $25 for half an hour of testing. This is a pure time to cash deal, and it checks out 100%.

Conclusion: Go Get Rich!

Ok, maybe you won’t be as rich as Jimmy Buffet, but you’ll at least be a penny or two richer.

If you can spare a few minutes to sign up for any one of these sites, you’re guaranteed to be making money online in minutes. Have fun hacking!

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