Best Life Hacks for the Morning: Rise, Shine, and Go Crush It


The way you start your day can often set up the way the rest it will go. Rushing out the door, half ready, with a snack bar in your hand may not be the best way to make sure you absolutely crush the rest of your day.

Around one in nine Americans are late to work at least once a week. Though sometimes traffic is to blame, we often know the truth of the matter is that our morning routines just aren’t reflecting our real needs.

New Life Hacks knows that starting off on the right side of the bed is one of the best life hacks out there. You’ll feel better and have a better day all once you get your mornings into a routine that sets you up for success.

We focus on making your life easier and better through the best life hacks around. This guide contains the best life hacks for the morning so that you can rise, shine, and kill it: Every. Single. Day.


Getting off to a good start

Some of the best life hacks are some of the simplest. So why is making your morning great so important?


Getting yourself onto a great morning routine will, perhaps most importantly, allow you to feel rested. What better life hack could you ask for? Part of a great morning routine means that you’ve been going to sleep and waking up at roughly the same time each day.

Setting this kind of schedule lets you get the right amount of sleep and save the serial alarm snoozing for someone else to do! You’ll be well-rested and ready to take on anything.


Remember those times where your life was stress-free? Sometimes we can get overwhelmed and trapped in a cycle where stress is a huge and normal part of our daily routine. A killer morning routine will remove the a.m stress from your plate and replace it with something much more positive.

You’ll be well-rested, have time to get ready without rushing, take care of your pets, and eat breakfast all with plenty of time in your pocket. Stress? There’s no room in your schedule for that this morning.


When you have time to accomplish your important tasks, chances are you actually will accomplish those goals. But when you sleep in until the last possible minute, you set yourself up for failure– and no one wants that.

Having a great morning routine is one of the best life hacks to let your productivity increase and turn your day into a great one.


The best life hacks for your morning

Ever wonder how some people jus seem to have it all together first thing in the morning? They look well put together and already have a few things checked off of their to-do lists. They’re successful without it even look like they’re trying.

Become one of them by following some of the best life hacks we’ve found to turn your mornings into the best part of the day.

Get your beauty sleep

Ladies and gentlemen, starting your day off by wishing you were already back in bed is not the way to set up your day for success.

Though it may be tough at first, set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. If you need to be at work by 8am, and it’s a 30-minute drive, we recommend waking up a full hour and a half before your drive needs to  begin.

You may be tempted to think, “but that’s an hour and a half I could be sleeping!” And sure, you’re right, but if you went to sleep 8 hours before your alarm, you won’t be feeling like catching some extra zzz’s is a must.

Practice self-control

This is one of our “best life hacks” that should span your entire day: practice self-control.

If you’re going to rise, shine, and kill it every day, you’ll need to practice self-control when it comes to scrolling through your social media for 30 minutes every morning before you even get out of bed.

A study by the IDC found that 80% of people check their phone before they even brush their teeth! Use your time wisely and get out of bed to start your day off with some productivity, not scrolling!

Do what you need to do

The mornings should be straight-forward for the most part. Wake up rested and start doing what you need to do. Set yourself up for success with some simple tasks: make your bed, refresh with a big glass of water, take a relaxing shower and get ready to face the day!

Get moving!

The mornings are a great time to get a little bit of exercise in. Studies have shown that exercising in the morning is good for you, plus it’s a great way to put a little pep in your step without the use of coffee!

Whether you like to do some morning yoga or take Fido out for a quick run around the block, start your day off strong and exercise! We promise you won’t even want to crawl back into bed afterward.

Tackle your list

As a part of a strong morning routine, we’ve found that one of the best life hacks is to tackle one item on your to-do list first thing in the morning.

Whether this means sitting down and responding to your most urgent emails, or dropping some packages off at the post office, getting something off of your daily list even morning is a great way to empower the rest of your day!


Keep looking out for the best life hacks

There is always room for improvement in our lives, so why not keep our eyes peeled for the best life hacks when they come along?

New Life Hacks knows that, in this day and age, making things easier is at the front of everyone’s mind.

We want to provide you with the greatest life hacks to make everything easy. Check out our blog to keep getting the best life hacks around.

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