Food Hacks: 7 Diet Habits You Need to Drop, Now


When it comes to eating habits, we are all guilty of doing things we know are bad for us.

That’s why losing weight (and fixing our diets) is the number one New Year’s resolution year in and year out.

But if you want to lead a productive and healthy life, you’ll need to face your eating habits and make the right changes to get back on a path towards treating your body right.

New Life Hacks is a website dedicated to giving you the best life hacks that will make your life easy. When it comes to food hacks, we’ve put together this helpful guide that outlines the 7 diet habits you need to drop, now.


Why should we care about food hacks?

If changing our eating habits was easy, there wouldn’t be a huge market for diets and exercise routines. We wouldn’t be suffering from illnesses directly related to our diets. We certainly wouldn’t be plagued with body-centered insecurities.

Diet is linked to problems like diabetes, IBS, and heart problems, so these food hacks were put together to help you avoid these common concerns.

A good diet has been linked to higher self-esteem in children as well as adults, so try out these 7 food hacks that will help you live a productive and healthy life.


Our Food Hacks: 7 diet habits you need to drop

Going shopping when you’re hungry

Our first food hack is a simple one: stop shopping when you’re hungry. Whether you need to eat some fruit on the run or if you need to stop by the house for dinner first, make sure you are going to the grocery store with a list in your hand and food in your belly.

It’s been found that people who shop hungry are more likely to spend more and pick the less healthy options when it comes to filling up their fridges. The solution? Save yourself money and avoid even bringing back foods into your home.

Skipping Meals

Treating your body right first and foremost begins with giving your body what it needs: foods. Skipping meals is not the way to get yourself back on track or lose that last 15 pounds.

Skipping meals is linked to weight gain and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. When trying to be healthy, these are things you actively want to avoid.

If you find yourself lacking the time to have a proper sit-down meal, try meal prepping on the weekends so that you have meals ready to go during the work week and always make sure to have a healthy snack near you. Not only will this prevent you from binge eating later, but it will also help you maintain your metabolism.


Not counting drinks

Believe it or not, it’s necessary to count your alcoholic beverages, sodas, and juices in with your total daily calories.

Keeping track of your calorie intake or your macros requires you to log exactly how much you are putting into your body. Beverages that aren’t water all come with their fair share of carbs, sugars, and calories. Don’t undermine yourself by forgetting to log them, build your Friday night or morning latte into your weekly eating so that you can stay on track.

Not drinking enough water

There are plenty of alluring drinks out there, including tasty coffees and healthy cold-pressed juices, but water still reigns king when it comes to the number one thing you must have throughout the day.

When working on a better diet, getting the right amount of water each day is an essential food hack. Why? Water is key in weight loss as it aids in filling your stomach, quelling cravings, and simply, making your body feel better.

Pro food hack: You can add a fruit wedge into your water to add a bit of flavor while retaining the health values of that tall glass of water.


Avoid serving sizes

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Especially if the label says that it’s healthy food!

This is one food hack that you should absolutely keep in mind while you’re trying to better your diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Serving sizes should not be ignored. It may take some getting used to, but knowing exactly how much you’re reading will really help you in the long run.

Here are some shocking serving sizes:

The correct amount of peanut butter you should be consuming is two tablespoons, totaling around 180 calories. You should only be drinking 1/3 of your Arizona Green Tea can. And if you’re a fan of snacking on healthy nuts, remember that the serving size for walnuts is only eight.

Eating all of your food

It’s no secret that food portions are getting bigger and bigger in America. This means that we’ve grown accustomed to being served a heaping plate of pasta and finishing it because it’s polite to clear off your plate.

Separating yourself from this habit is the main point of this food hack. Practice intuitive eating instead, eat meals slowly, take sips of water, and listen to your body when it gets full. Instead of scarfing down that big plate of pasta and realizing that you’ve overeaten ten minutes late, you’ll find that you will be eating less.

Here’s another pro food hack: after you order your food at a restaurant, tell the waiter that you want half of your plate boxed up so that you can take it to go. That way, you are only served half of your plate and have a great lunch for the next day!


Limiting yourself

When you tell yourself that you won’t eat cookies and ice cream anymore, it’s no surprise that you’ll likely find yourself binging on cookies and ice cream in the next few weeks. Why? Because cutting yourself off from the things you enjoy completely is unrealistic.

It’s similar to that “don’t think of hippos” mind exercise. Instead of trying to pretend some of your favorite foods don’t exist, make space for them in your diet and practice self-control. It’s better to have a few chocolate nibs every other day than eating the whole bag in one sitting after two weeks of abstaining.

If you’d like to read more life hacks that will change the way you approach things, check out the rest of our blogs!

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