These 9 Ikea Hacks Are Guaranteed to Change Your Life



Four simple letters that invoke intense feelings – of both love and hate – the world over.

It’s the home of the super-compact boxes of furniture at prices most everyone can afford.

And considering that IKEA prints more catalogs than Bibles get printed each year, most of us have at least one piece of IKEA furniture.

That could be one of the reasons you hate it (that, or the assembly process).

But with these 9 hacks, we can turn your hate to love and send you rushing out to buy a Billy bookcase.


First, a little history

You likely know that IKEA is Swedish (and they make a ton of money from their meatballs).

But did you know that the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, is a 90-year-old entrepreneur who is famously frugal?

He reportedly flies economy, shops for bargains at the end of the market day and is worth nearly $4B.

He built his furniture empire up from nothing and today is responsible for making the names of Swedish towns household words.

Easy hacks for the DIYer of any skill level

Some IKEA hacks are Martha-Stewart-meets-MacGyver level complicated.

But not everything has to be that complex to give you fun results.

For those of us that don’t want to wield a circular saw and drill in our spare time, here are easy tips that can turn any piece of furniture into something new.

Paint it

IKEA furniture comes in basic colors or plain, unfinished wood grain. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave it that way.

Add paint to hide that pale pine with something that better matches your decor.

Or, create that accent piece you’ve always wanted!

Cover it in cool wallpaper

If the surface isn’t paint-friendly, consider wallpaper instead.

Fun desktops aren’t just for your computer, check out these 20 home office wallpapers to get some ideas.


Grab your Allen wrenches

You’ve done all the other chores, including the ones you thought you’d never get done.

But you’re still looking for a way arrange your home office, or book collection, or the kitchen spices.

It won’t hurt to just take a look at these, will it?

Let the IKEA hacks begin!

Around the house


1. Spices are an essential part of any kitchen.

But, in any quantity they can take up a massive amount of space in your cabinets. Who needs plates when you can have 15 varieties of salt?

This DIYer took the guesswork out of it for you. She figured out the Rajtan jars were the perfect fit to go on the picture ledges.

You get attractive spice storage and still have room for your dishware.


2. Remember the Billy bookshelf? According to one site, a Billy is sold somewhere in the world every ten seconds.

For the most part, they’re a pretty plain, functional and inexpensive holder of books.

Until they get hacked.

Turn Billy into William by using one of these customized hacks.


3. If floor space is at a premium in your house, but you’ve got wall space, you’re in luck.

Use this floating credenza hack to take advantage of an open spot.

This will add a bit of stylish extra storage, all without sacrificing valuable real estate on the floor.


4.  Another spot where floor space can be tight is your closet, possibly known as the Shoe Jungle.

Get a handle on the jungle with this floating shelves hack.

Organize your clothes by length to get more shelf space for your shoes.

Apartment dweller hacks


5.  If you live in a small apartment, you’re forever looking for ways to save space or the best ways to use every inch.

One way to do that is to go vertical!

Walls aren’t just for hanging pictures. And headboards aren’t just a cushy place for your pillows.

Check out this hack from Apartment Therapy, using two Mandal headboards to create an entire wall of options right above your head.

Plus, this hack gets bonus points because it won’t damage your walls.


6. Working from home, or freelancing for a living, is becoming more and more popular.

And while we’d all love to have a Herman Miller® chair and desk, that’s not always possible.

This IKEA hack can help solve your desk space problem.

Grab a piece of peg board and use spice racks ($4!) to create a neat solution for the things that might be cluttering up your desk.


7. With craft cocktails being shaken in bars all over the country, don’t leave out your home bar.

This easy and stylish bar cart can bring out your inner mixologist with a few simple hacks to a basic IKEA shelf.

You don’t have to use gold accents, either. Try silver, brushed nickel, or whatever works with your decor.


The little things

8. If the game Where Did My Car Keys Go is one you often play, try this entryway IKEA hack.

Use IKEA magazine holders to create a cheap and stylish way to corral all the stuff you seem to have in your hands when you walk through the door.

Plus, this is the perfect time to use the paint it/wallpaper it tip to take things up a notch.

Bonus organizing hack to clear countertop clutter: create a charging station out of a Fintorp rail and basket.


9. Is your bathroom counter small, or did you just say, “What counter?”

 Try using Skurar plant pots to capture makeup brushes and other odds and ends.

In heights from four to nine inches, you can easily fit them under the sink or in a cabinet.

Plus, with a price tag of less than $5, these pots make great organizers.

The last piece

Congratulations! You’re on the road to IKEA furniture happiness.

But why stop hacking there?

If you’re looking for ways to do less and get more done, we’ve got you covered.

And if you had any trouble clicking your way to IKEA nirvana, check out ways to increase your internet speed.

The comments section is the perfect place to let us know what worked for you, or if you found a better hack!

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