9 Laundry Hacks to Help You Save Time and Stay Fresh


You spend a lot of time in life doing necessary things. You sleep over 200,000 hours. You eat 32,000 hours. You drive over 30,000 hours. And you clean over 10,000 hours.

How much time do you really have for laundry?

It’s one of those things that so many people hate doing. But they have to do it anyway. What if you could cut down the time you spend doing laundry? Where else could you spend that time?

It’s an age-old struggle. It’s gotten easier with the advent of the washing machine and the dryer. But it’s still time-consuming.

Today on New Life Hacks, we’re going to give you back time. Time you can spend on things you actually want to do.

Read on to find out how you can hack your laundry routine making it easier and faster.


First, Cool That Iron

It happens to the best of us. You go get up and realize you forgot to pull your button up from the dryer the night before. You don’t have time to iron. But you need to iron. It’s a catch 22. Screw time. Screw your boss for making you be punctual. Ok, simmer down. Breathe. There’s always a solution.

It’s simple, really. You recently got interested in essential oils. And even if you didn’t, maybe you should consider them. They’re useful for other laundry things we won’t discuss here.

But find some lavender oil, mix it with water in a spray bottle. Spritz on that shirt. And in no time all your wrinkles will be gone.


Chalk It Up

Your light colored blouses are cursed. Every time you wear one, grease comes out of nowhere. It slams into your middle, staining your shirt for all eternity. Or maybe not.

Do you have children? Do they like to draw on the sidewalk with chalk? Even if you don’t have children, consider buying yourself some chalk.

Rub it on that ghostly stain. Toss the shirt in the washer. You will banish the grease stain forever.

If you are somehow against chalk or just can’t find it anywhere, consider baby powder as an alternative.


Sort As You Go

Often there is a conflict when it comes to doing laundry. You’ve put it off for so long that you just want to toss it all in at once. But you are also a little OCD. You value your clothes and would like everything separated.

There’s a simple solution to this problem. Sort as you go.

It might cost you a few extra dollars. But it will save you time in the long run. Buy a few hampers. One for whites. One for darks. Another for light colors. And then more if you want to separate even farther.

Each time you are done wearing something. Put it right side out and toss it in the appropriate hamper. You have your laundry sorted and your loads ready to go.


Figure Out Its Soil Type

Do you waste a lot of time re-doing your laundry? Do you blame your “old” washer and beat up on its poor metal exterior every time?

Sure, it could be your old machinery. But most likely you aren’t sorting right.

Sort by cloth weight and texture. Sort by soil type.

If it’s heavy like a pair of jeans or a jacket, it should go into a smaller pile. If it’s dark heavy soil, make a special extra dirty load and put the machine on a higher setting. No reason to blame the robot for everything now!


Check Efficiency

Many washers these days are high efficiency. This means they’re made specifically to save you money. Sometimes the sales rep won’t even know he’s selling you a high-efficiency unit.

You need to check the machine yourself. Open up the soap dispenser and see if the letters “H” and “E” are anywhere.

Sometimes the high-efficiency feature can be turned off. Check for a button on your machine labeled as such.

If it is, you should go ahead and buy high-efficiency detergent. The washer is made to create less suds and work with less water. It takes an especially formulated detergent. Don’t skimp out unless you want to waste time re-washing your clothes.


Pin The Sock On The Sock

The black hole. Vortex. Sock monster. The borrowers. The island of lost things. Whatever you call the strange phenomenon common with sock pairs, it’s horribly inconvenient to have orphaned socks come out of the dryer.

It’s such a common thing that someone commemorated National Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 7th.

But, if you want to avoid being stuck with mismatched socks, try safety pins. Stick them through the middle and you will never lose a sock again! Unless you actually have a black hole in you dryer. In that case, we’re sorry. You’ll have to talk to you neighbor the theoretical physicist about that one.



Do you keep having to throw those towels back in your washer over and over again? Do they stink?

Try using white vinegar every once in a while. Wherever you put your fabric softener, put a few tablespoons of vinegar.

That smell was probably some sort of pesky mildew. The vinegar will get rid of the mildew and get your towels fluffy and fresh.


The Dry Towel

Shoot! You forgot to change your clothes over last night. You don’t have a full hour to wait for those jeans to dry.

Toss a towel in it. The absorbency of a towel will soak in extra moister and halve the drying time.

The thicker the towel the better. Maybe throw in two for good measure and good luck.


Rip Them In Half

This is actually a money-saving laundry hack. Dryer sheets disappear pretty quickly.

Rip them in half. Each half is just as effective as the whole and you will save money on buying so many boxes of dryer sheets.


Laundry Hacks: You Got This

There are loads of ways you can be more efficient with your time. And we hope these laundry hacks helped you do exactly that.

If you have any more ideas about saving time when doing laundry, let us know in the comments below. Now, go. Save yourself some time. And be happy!

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