9 Party Hacks for the Best Birthday Shindig Yet


Let’s state the obvious– parties are super fun. However, putting on a party is not always quite as fun.

From planning to buying decorations to the inevitable after party cleanup, being the host of a potentially great party can be a major pain in the butt.

If you’re preparing to host a party, fear not! We put together a list of nine of the best party hacks around from tried and true party throwers.

Are you ready to learn about some pretty brilliant hacks? Let’s check them out!

Nine Of The Best Party Hacks Ever

You’re bound to apply at least one of these totally handy hacks to your upcoming party project and be very satisfied with the results.

Self Stations Or DIY Photobooths

These are becoming all the rage at parties, from college dorm shindigs to children’s birthday parties.

Find an inexpensive craft store or opt for quick and cheap supplies from eBay ahead of time and snag the following items:

Cheap tableclothsStick-on paper letters, preferably with holograph or glitter printsBalloons with stringFramesParty favors and props like masquerade masks, party horns, funny glasses, etc.

Set up a cleared wall with a colorful backdrop made from the cheap tablecloths to make a makeshift backdrop.

Using the stick-on letters, spell out things like “Maddie’s 10th Birthday” or “Class of 2016”, whatever applies to the shindig you’re hosting. Tie some balloons for the background as well.

Keep a box or vase with the props and frames nearby, and voila! You have an inexpensive, fun spot for people to take memorable selfies at your party.

DIY Speakers

So you’re ready to start planning your party, but when you get to making a playlist for the night, you realize that you don’t have any speakers that will be loud enough for music.

Fear not! Making a DIY phone speaker is easy. There are a couple of ways to do it:

Get a bowl. You’re done! This hack is super popular. Just play the tunes on your phone and place your phone into a preferable metal bowl to amplify the sound.

Cardboard toilet paper rolls. Take a toilet paper-free toilet paper roll and cut a slot horizontally across it. Slip your phone speaker-first inside, and the tube sides will amplify the sounds coming from your speaker. Stick a couple of thumbtacks at the ends to hold the speaker upright.

Does your internet keep cutting out and killing the music during your party? No worries– we’ve got you covered there too.

Use Toothpicks For The Cake

We’ve all been there– You’re spelling out a message on the cake, but you’ve overestimated just how much space you have. Suddenly the “Happy Birthday Mike” in your mind comes out on the cake as “Happy Bir”.

An easy hack to avoid this problem is to take the tip of a toothpick and gently trace the letters into the cake’s frosting before wiping out the lettering bag. You’ll have a path to follow and virtually no risk of messing up the cake.

Water Balloon Ice Cubes (Or Balls)

This hack is a great way to avoid taking a trip to the store mid-party to pick up more ice. Make some ice balloons!

Simply fill up a bunch of balloons with water and freeze the night before the party.

Fill a large bowl or tub with the balloons and stick your drinks between them.

Not only is this a super cute alternative to boring ice cubes, but it’ll make the cleanup way easier (and more fun) at the end.

Bell Pepper Dip Containers

This hack is really cute and also great for easy cleanup.

When setting up the veggie tray, instead of pouring your ranch dressing or veggie dip into bowls, pour them into a half-cut emptied out bell pepper. At the end of the night, cleanup is as easy as eating a bell pepper.

If you have multiple dips, color coordinate by getting a green, red, and yellow pepper for each dip.

Sliced Ice Cream

Why didn’t we think of this before?

It’s a pain when the ice cream and cake comes around and you’re responsible for scooping– especially if that gallon of ice cream you bought is a little too solid to easily scoop.

Instead of forcing yourself into an arm workout, try this hack.

Buy a gallon of ice cream with a paper-based container. Plastic containers will not work.

Find the sharpest, sturdiest knife you half. Cut the container, ice cream and all, directly in half vertically.

Peel the ice cream container off of the half-moon cylinder of ice cream, lay it on its side, and slice away. Serve the half circles of ice cream along with the cake and save yourself some serious scooping issues.

Glow In The Dark Balloons

Instead of investing in a bunch of solar lights for an outdoor late-night party, try using glow in the dark balloons! Mix and match colors to create a rainbow nighttime wonderland in your backyard.

If you need some brighter lights, there are LED light up balloons available online.

A “Make Your Own Snack” Bar

The possibilities are endless. You can make a DIY snack bar, a DIY cocktail bar, a DIY craft bar, or whatever else you can think of!

Get extra creative and try laying down a tablecloth that is easy to write on. Place the bowls or containers of different ingredients on the table. Next to the ingredients on the tablecloth, write what each ingredient is with an arrow pointing right to it.

This could work at a kid’s party, a graduation, a house party, anything!

Make a DIY Cheese Board

If you’re throwing a more fancy shindig, consider this easy DIY hack instead of spending a bunch of money on a fancy cheese tray.

You will need a shallow tray, some chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, and some chalk.

Simply paint the bottom inside of the cheese tray with the chalkboard paint.

When it dries, place all of your cheese tray ingredients on top.

With the chalk, write what each ingredient is.

This is a very rustic and fashionable way to serve your cheese at a party that is guaranteed to get some compliments.

Start The Party

We hope these rad party hacks will help you throw the best birthday (or whatever) party ever with a little less stress.

Do you have a favorite party hack or a tip you’d like to share? Tell us about it!

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