The Ultimate Top 10 Worst DIY Hacks Ever


DIY hacks are a life saver, but they can also go horribly wrong.

Just google “Pinterest fails” to see a cringe-worthy collection of DIY crafts, fashion, and home improvement hacks that didn’t turn out like the tutorial had promised.

When DIY is done right, it saves you money, resources, time, and sanity. You may even discover a creative side you never knew you had!

Unfortunately, there are still useless, age-old DIY hacks baked into the cake. So let’s avoid becoming the next Pinterest fail and talk about 10 bad apples to avoid.

Just Stick To Tupperware

The worst DIY hacks try to solve problems that don’t exist.

Nevertheless, the Internet decided that Tupperware just wasn’t enough for bagel sandwiches.

The solution?

Instead of using the containers you already have, simply rummage through your garage to find that long lost CD spindle case to store your bagel sandwich.

Of course, you’ll need to find another place to keep your favorite CDs from the 90s, but at least your bagel sandwich will be fresh!

No, AA Batteries Don’t Last Longer In Your Freezer

But is it really going to stop you from doing it? This iconic DIY hack is so baked in the cake it’s like second nature.

But why is this life hack still so popular?

Alkaline batteries do lose their charge quicker in hotter temperatures, so what’s colder than your freezer, right?

Unfortunately, alkaline batters only get a 5% boost in battery life if you’re lucky. Moreover, if your freezer drops in temperature, and condensation builds up, your batteries will only corrode and become useless over time.

Energizer suggests storing your AA batteries in 68 to 78-degree temperatures.

Don’t Use Your Toaster To Make Grilled Cheese

This is one of the worst to hit the internet, but you can see why it took off.

What’s not to love? Simply, turn a toaster on its side, pop in your cheese and bread, and watch your sandwich shoot out perfectly onto your plate!

Unfortunately, the reality is one terrible tasting grilled cheese sandwich. As the cheese melts, crumbs, grease, and dirt fall down on your sandwich and melts along with it. Not to mention, hours of messy clean up afterward.

Save yourself the DIY nightmare, and spring for a panini maker if your heart’s set on one.

Dental Floss Is Not An Alternative To Kitchen Knives

Maybe it’s because hard-boiled egg slicers are so cool, but this hack is definitely one of the top ten worst DIY hacks of all time.

And one of the grossest.

Sure, in theory, you can tighten up a string of floss to cut your birthday cake, but it won’t be a straight cut nor a sanitary one at that. Spare yourself and just stick to a clean steel cake knife

Beer Doesn’t Cure Hangovers

And it’s definitely not healthy.

Also called “the hair of the dog” hack, this popular DIY tip argues that the best way to cure a hangover is with more alcohol.

The reason you’re hungover is because you’re dehydrated. That’s why beer may temporarily relieve your nausea or headache.

Drinking more alcohol just makes you more dehydrated, so you’re much better off drinking plenty of water when you drink to avoid hangovers altogether.

Avoid Building A DIY Bathroom In The Basement

No one’s going to see your basement, right?

That’s typically why people work on home improvement hacks in the basement, but there are some projects you should definitely avoid.

One of the biggest home improvement mistakes that people make is creating a bathroom from scratch in the basement.

For starters, unless you’re experienced with plumbing, you should never attempt DIY plumbing yourself. No matter how much duct tape you have.

Second, DIY basement bathrooms are prone to leakage. So you would also have mold, bad smells, and floor damage on your hands.

Don’t Build Your Own Cabinets Without Experience

This is another home improvement hack people can’t resist.

There are many do-it-yourself cabinetry tutorials, but those are easier said than done if you don’t have solid knowledge of basic carpentry.

New cabinets are “commitment” features. This means they’re in for the long haul. If they’re not cut, designed, and installed properly, they could even bring down the value of your house when it’s time to sell.

A Hammer and Nail Is Not a Corkscrew

But that doesn’t stop it from being a popular life hack. People usually figure it out the first time around, but when you’re in party host bind, you’ll try anything.

Unfortunately, pounding a nail into a bottle cork will just ruin it. If you’re lucky, you could pound it right through but with leftover cork bits in your wine. Most of the time, you’ll just pull the nail right out with no bottle cork attached

If you do have a long screw handy, you can screw it into the cork half-way and then use the hammer like a corkscrew. This method is still time-consuming and not fool proof. Better stick to the corkscrew.

Metal Racks Are Not For Cutting Fruit

But it didn’t hurt to try.

Some swear that placing fruit or veggies over a metal rack to slice and dice works, but it’s really just one big mess.

Specialty culinary slicers are fun, but it’s best to leave those to professional manufacturers. Making your own fruit slicing gadgets are no substitute for what’s out there or a good ole fashioned cutting board for that matter.

Pancake Bottle Squeeze Bottles Make Breakfast A Chore

There’s definitely been a squeeze bottle craze in recent years, but it’s not for every food.

Filling a squeeze bottle with pancake batter may seem like a good idea, but it’s really a waste of time. By the time you’ve filled it up, you could’ve made five or six pancakes already!

Plus, you waste a lot more leftover batter. That’s less pancakes for you!

DIY hacks are awesome, but not went they’re wrecking havoc on your life. Remember to avoid these hacks but hang on to the good ones to continue to save money and resources at home.

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