These Awesome Parenting Hacks Bring the Family Fun


Your children, the light(s) of your life.

But sometimes you feel like they’re Pigpen, following Charlie Brown around your house.

Even the most awesome parent could use a helping hand sometimes.

Try these parenting hacks and get that dust cloud under control.


Parenting Hacks: The Advanced Round

Kids grow up so quickly!

It’s important to take the time now because you can’t later.

Yes, there’s always something to do, but you won’t regret time with your kids.

There are tons of productive (and fun) things you can do with just a little imagination.

We’re going to organize these parenting hacks by how they help.

Stuff that goes on your kids, stuff around ’em (and even getting them to help).

Grab the tips that you like best and get started.


Keeping them clean (or dry) or simply dressed

Kids are going to get dirty, that’s just a fact of life.

As long as it’s not when they’re wearing their Sunday best, it’s all good.

Well, mostly.

Here are some tips on keeping everyone looking their best.

Loose straps

Maybe it’s a hand-me-down from Big Sis, or things just stretched out.

Either way, the straps on your girl’s tank top are just too loose.

Grab an extra barrette and clip them together in the back.

Pretty and useful parenting hacks: win!

Popsicles are great – and sticky

One of life’s great summertime treats: the popsicle.

But even as an adult, it can be tough to not drip.

Now, try being 5 instead.

To help out little hands, use a cupcake paper to catch those drops.

Or, if you had a morning coffee in a to-go cup, rinse the lid off and use it again.

If you didn’t catch the drip in time, these laundry hacks can help.

Put them on right, every time

If your little guy or girl has a hard time remembering which shoe goes on which foot, try this:

Take a small sticker, and cut it in half.

Place each half on the inside of the shoe (along the arch side).

That way, when they put their shoes side by side, the stickers will match up again.

If all else fails

You’ve had it up to here with the fighting and bickering.

Grab a large white t-shirt and write, “Our Get Along Shirt” on it.

Two heads are better than one, as they say.

Two kids in one shirt are bound to improve their relationship, right?


The stuff around them

Kids come with stuff, no matter how minimalist your lifestyle.

And stuff gets dirty or disorganized, it happens.

These parenting hacks can help you clean, reuse or recycle your way through the day.

Baking soda is your new BFF

Seriously, buy it in bulk.

A little water and it makes a paste that will pop out splinters.

Same goes for the unavoidable moment if there’s an upset stomach (it’ll help absorb vomit).

And when it’s cleaning day, baking soda makes a great scrub for sinks and tubs.

Check out these hacks for cleaning your whole house in just an hour.

Glitter, under control

A lint roller isn’t just for something stuck to your clothes anymore.

It’ll pick up that cloud of glitter you thought would be around until the zombie apocalypse. It’ll also pick up just about any other small bits, just look around.

Glitter can also make a timeout timer.

Grab a water bottle, fill it 3/4 with water, add a bottle of glitter glue and some ultra-fine glitter.

The glitter will move slowly and add a little calming activity.

Cool it off

Pillow and sheet forts are the greatest thing ever (even if you aren’t 7).

But in the summer, they can get hot and stuffy.

Use a fan to cool and inflate the fort.

Just make sure to put it in a spot where fingers won’t get caught accidentally.

Last one out isn’t a rotten egg

When the baby has outgrown her crib, don’t just get rid of it.

You can turn it into a desk, with a few tools and little time.

A little blackboard paint creates a fun surface, too.

Pool noodles, two ways

Pool noodles aren’t just for swimming anymore.

Do you have a door that’s always slamming shut? Grab a noodle, carve out one side and slip it over the door edge.

It’ll keep it from slamming and catching little fingers.

If your little one has trouble staying in bed, that same noodle can help. Slip it under the fitted sheet on their bed: instant soft baby bumpers.

Out of their eyes

Bath time can be great fun – until there’s shampoo in baby’s eyes.

Visors aren’t just for middle-aged men at college football games.

Try a cute baby visor so you don’t have to worry about that shampoo anymore.

Make it into a game so they’ll help

Make a square out of masking or painter’s tape on your tile floor.

The game is to sweep the stuff on the floor all into the square.

With a small broom, your little ones can practice being Cinderella, oops, helping around the house.

Organizers, repurposed

You can keep the bath toys from floating away from your little one with a laundry basket.

Everything, including baby, goes into the basket for tub time.

Then it’s a breeze getting all the toys out at once, too.

Another bathroom hack: shower caddy.

A small caddy can make the perfect holder for a meal on the go.

A DVD case can also help if your family is in the car.

It’s the perfect size to hold colored pencils a bit of paper.

It’s an instant drawing kit that’s easy for small hands to use.


The end of the day

Hopefully, these parenting hacks will help save time and sanity, plus add some fun.

If it’s the end of the day and you’re staring at an empty pan, try these 10 dinner hacks.

Have you tried any of these hacks? Any of these sound like the best thing ever, or do you have one of your own?

Let us know in the comments!

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