These Winter Hacks Keep those Winter Blues Away


Don’t you just feel like winter gets the best of you? Sure, it is a romantic time when you can cover yourself with a blanket and have a hot cup of tea while watching your favorite Netflix show.

You could even play with snow if you feel more energetic. Whether you love winter or not, winter hacks are the only way to make it through those months of cold temperatures.

Don’t forget that the winter season always opens new challenges, but this doesn’t mean you cannot beat them!

Being comfortable is essential when it comes to your psychology and high temperatures really can even cheer a depressed person up. We’ve got you covered, guys!

13 Winter Hacks to Help You Stay Toasty and Sane

Disclaimer: Don’t believe that keeping yourself comfortable, even during the coldest winter storms, will cost you a lot of money! We have found super cheap ideas for these winter hacks –actually, some of them are free but all of them are tested and 100% effective.

But let’s move on, shall we?

Hack #1: Open The Curtains

The sun is always free of charge. In fact, people in many countries of Northern Europe do not even have curtains so they do not forget to welcome the sun in their homes and their lives. Utilize natural energy and keep warm.

Utilize natural energy and keep warm.

Hack #2: Your Ceiling Fan Matters

We are sure that many of you believe that the ceiling fan should be used only when it’s hot outside. The truth is that if you run it slow and have it spin clockwise, you will help it push the warm air from your ceiling back down to you.

Just a couple of minutes will definitely warm up your room.

Hack #3: Close Unused Rooms

Ok, guys. This is both important and a common mistake many of us make. When you want to heat up a room, all you have to do is close the doors and the windows to contain the heat in the area you want.

Also, don’t forget that bathrooms are usually the coldest rooms of the house so you may want to shut this door!

Hack #4: Waterproof Your Socks

Wet socks. Oh, my God! There is nothing worse than wet socks.

What “winter hacks” post would not include a tip about them?

To avoid this super annoying feeling of having your feet in a cold lake, just waterproof your socks by putting a plastic sandwich bag over them. Then you are good to put on your shoes. Clever, huh?

Hack #5: Leave Your Oven Door Open

This one is meant for those of you who actually use your oven to bake. No, we are not suggesting leaving the over door open to Feng Sui your kitchen! Just don’t close it after you have baked a cake or some cookies.

Use the oven warmth and have your place smell like Mrs. Claus’s kitchen!

Hack #6: Rice It Up

Who knew that piping hot rice would help you make it through the coldest time of the year. We did!

Just take some fabric pouches with rice and stitch them together. Put them in the microwave and hold them. Your hands will immediately feel warmer and more comfortable.

Hack #7: Don’t Slip Again. Just Use Some Screws

Yes, it is as simple as that. Just screw about a dozen of screws into the soles of your shoes and you will never slip again. The screws will just help you gain more traction in the snow.

Buy, hey! Make sure the screws are not too long or else they might hurt you.

Hack #8: Park Your Car Facing East

We are sure you’ve heard this hack before, but you might not know why parking facing east will make your life a lot better –like all the winter hacks we have listed so far.

It’s just simple physics, guys. When your car faces east, the sun melts the frost and you have less snow removing to do. God bless Mother Nature!

Hack #9: When Pouring Salt is Not Enough

Yes, this is what we learned at school: “Kids, when you want to defrost your walkway, just sprinkle some salt on it.” But what happens when your salt is just not enough?

Simple! Put 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and some dishwashing liquid in 1/2 gallon of hot water. It will dissolve the ice in an instant!

Hack #10: Showers 101

Taking a shower is so hard when the temperature is below zero. Involuntarily, we all turn the setting on our hot water heaters up. However, turning it a little bit down will save on your energy bills and you will most likely notice no difference.

Also, you want to keep your showers short and tepid. If you don’t, your skin will dry out more quickly and you will wash your skin’s natural oils off.

Extra beauty tip: Winter usually comes with dry hands –which, between you and us, they can be a pain in the butt. Just wear a pair of cotton gloves after you moisturize your hands!

Hack #11: Your Body Needs Some Pampering

Vitamins, people! Vitamins! Your body’s fuel.

There is this vitamin called vitamin D which our bodies produce when they are exposed to sunlight. Additionally, vitamin D is the one which raises our mood when we need it.

As you can imagine, we produce way less of it in the winter. Keep calm! You can just take a vitamin D pill when you feel like winter is bringing you down.

Hack #12: Don’t Lose The Heat

Walls are significantly cold in the winter, even when your radiator or space heater is attached to it. To prevent heat from fading away and to help it reflect back into the house, put a piece of tin foil behind it.

Hack #13: Biking in the Winter

Using a bike in the slippery snow is never easy. Some may say that biking in the snow should never be an option, but we have a great winter hack for you!

Zip tie every other rim section between spokes. Tighten the zip ties so the tie clasp is facing towards the hub. Trim off extra cable on all ties and you are ready to go.

Hey! Test it first, ride it later!

So, how do you hack winter? Let us know in the comments below and we might include your tips in a future winter hacks post!

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