7 Tech Hacks You Need To Get the Most Out Of Your Tech


It’s impossible to resist the power of a life-changing secret. And if that secret comes in form of a tech hack, it makes life in this digital era not only easier but more enjoyable too.

For example, did you know that you can download YouTube videos directly from the site by just adding “ss” before the word YouTube in the video’s URL?

Did you also know that you can open a previously or erroneously closed tab by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T?

Knowing the right tech hacks to get something done can turn a tough job into a total breeze. These tools can save you from the small yet annoying hassles that can add a ton of stress to your day.

There are many life hacks that offer simple solutions to our everyday lives. In this post, we have compiled a list of the 7 tech hacks you need to get the most out of your tech.

 1. Boost your Wi-Fi signal

If your Wi-Fi router doesn’t have enough signal to reach your room, don’t worry. There is a simple tech-hack you can apply to boost the Wi-Fi strength and increase internet speed.

No need for expensive devices, here is a list of the household items you’ll need to get started.

  1. A CD (can be blank or used)
  2. CD container
  3. Wired clothes hanger
  4. Glue gun
  5. Coaxial cable
  6. Wire cutters or pliers

Cut the wired hanger and bend it into two squares to form a pattern resembling a bow tie. The idea is to form an antenna out of the clothes hanger. Cut the pole of the CD container and glue the CD to the plastic container.

Fasten the antenna onto one end of the coaxial cable and let the cable run through the middle of the CD’s case. That’s it!

Congratulations! you’ve just made a bi-quad antenna.

2. Use your smartphone to test your remote control batteries

Your remote control sends signals to your entertainment system using a beam of infrared light.

Your eyes can’t see this beam, but your phone’s camera can. So if your remote is not working, you can use your phone’s camera to test whether it needs new batteries.

Simply launch your phone’s camera app and switch to the front facing (selfie) camera. Next, point the remote at the camera, then press any button on the remote.

You should see a flicker of light coming from the remote sensor (IR blaster) if the remote is working properly.

If you don’t see the light flicker or the flicker appears dim, then you should consider changing your remote’s batteries.

Provided that you don’t see any light at all, even after replacing the batteries with new ones, the problem could be with your remote.

3. Amplify your phone’s speakers

Want to feel every punch from your smartphone’s speakers? There is a tech hack for that too.

This one is as simple as cranking up the volume.

All you need is a clean bowl, and of course your smartphone.

Place your phone into a dry bowl resting diagonally on the edge of the bowl with the speaker facing downwards. You will be surprised at how loud the audio will sound.

This hack takes only a second to set up.

4. Tech hacks to easily navigate YouTube

Tired of fiddling around with the YouTube bar? Use these tech hacks to improve your YouTube experience.

Use the number keys (1 to 9) on your keyboard to skip from 10% to 90% of the video.

Use K to pause or play the video.

And if you want to fast forward or rewind the video, use L and J keys respectively.

Also, YouTube is very notorious at prescribing what resolution you can watch your videos. Did you know that you can change that too?

Click the settings icon on the video window. On the menu bar that will pop up, select “quality”, then select your preferred resolution.

5. Use Google Translate to visit blocked sites

Most companies have an annoying habit of restricting access to some websites especially Facebook during working hours.

The good news is that none of them will block Google Translate.

Is a particular website blocked at your work or in school? Go to Google Translate and visit your page through it. Put English-to-English in the translation settings and it will work just fine.

However, there is one caveat: This tech hack only works with HTTP sites. You’ll need to look for another way to bypass the restriction if the target site is secured.

6. Use Alexa to find your phone

Alexa is the official name for Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant that lets you voice-enable any connected device with a speaker and a microphone.

So your phone is missing and you’ve looked everywhere–under the couch, in the kitchen, in the car but is nowhere to be seen.

You can ask someone to call so you can follow the ringtone, but what do you do when no one is around.

Let your Amazon Echo do the searching for you. Turn to your Amazon Echo and say, “Alexa, trigger find my smartphone”. Echo will call your phone and once it rings, you can follow the ringtone.

In addition to finding your lost phone, Amazon Alexa easily lets you operate smart home devices as well as buy things on Amazon.

 7. Remove a scratch on an LCD screen

You can remove that ugly scratch from your LCD screen by rubbing a soft eraser on it until the mark disappears.

Before you get started, you will want to first clean the scratched area. Begin by cleaning the scratched area with a wet microfiber cloth. Wait until the area is dry.

Once the scratched area is clean and dry, you are ready to get started.

Get a clean eraser. The eraser should be soft so as not to add scratches to your screen.

Rub the eraser gently in the direction of the mark until the scratch disappears.

Final thought

Love them or hate them, tech hacks have become so ingrained in our digital lives that we can’t live without them.

They not only offer simple solutions to our daily digital setbacks but also helps to increase our performance efficiency.

Applying these tech hacks will not only make your digital life easier but enjoyable too.

Know of more tech hacks that you’d love to share with us? Tell us in the comments section below.

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