Hack Like Mobile: 10 iPhone Apps to Make Life Easier


In the old days–you know, like back in 2005–apps were fun little time wasters that you played with when you were bored.

Nowadays, research shows that phone users spend almost 90% of their time using apps.

We use them for everything.

From banking to business, apps have revolutionized the way we interact with our world.

But each week, it seems that new ones come out, and they all want a piece of your phone’s memory.

How do you know which apps to choose?

Don’t worry. We have you covered.

We’re going to look at the ten best apps for the iPhone and show you how to hack like a pro at life.


Ever hear a song on the radio, but couldn’t place it?

You spend hours racking your brain, but nothing comes to mind.

Let Shazam do the thinking for you.

Shazam works by matching an audio sample from your phone’s microphone to a music database within the app.

In seconds, Shazam names that tune.

It’s the closest your phone comes to magic.

Shazam doesn’t stop at music, either.

You can use it to identify movies and TV shows as well.

The app also allows you to buy the tracks you search for and can recommend songs based on search patterns.

You can also archive your searched songs so you can always have them with you.

The best part?

Shazam is free.

You’ll never forget a song again.

With this app, you can hack like you’re a music executive.


Want to hack like an expert couponer without shredding your Sunday paper?

Then Ibotta is the app for you.

It’s also free and allows you to get cash rebates on items purchased at the grocery store.

Usually, the savings only apply to generic store brands and are pretty small (around 20 cents).

Over time, though, the rebates do add up to hundreds of dollars per year, depending on how often you shop.

It works like this:

Step 1: Unlock the Rebates

Before you go shopping, browse the rebate categories or search for the items you want.

Then, pick your retailer.

You can redeem Ibotta discounts at most major stores like Walmart and Target.

Next, complete simple tasks (i.e., watch a short ad, answer a question, etc.) for the items you want.

Now you’re ready for…

Step 2: Go Shopping

This part’s pretty cut and dry.

Find the corresponding items and scan their barcode into the app to verify.

Once you checkout, you can move on to…

Step 3: Submit Your Receipt

Once you’ve loaded your groceries into your car, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app.

Within 24 hours, Ibotta will deposit the money into your in-app account.

You can then cash out at your convenience.

Send the money to a PayPal account or put it on a gift card to use later.

Easy enough, right?

But wait. There’s more!

You and your friends can form teams.

Whenever one of your team members uses the app, everyone earns cash.

You can also stack Ibotta discounts onto in-store sales and save even more.


You might’ve heard about this one.

Groupon is another money saving app that goes beyond groceries.

Get discounts on everything from restaurants to electronics, even vacations.

The Groupon app is updated daily with new deals, some of which you won’t find anywhere else.

You can always get a bargain with Groupon.

However, be careful if you decide to use the app to take a vacation.

Check and read the fine print before you buy.

The dates for your trips may be subject to availability.

Groupon does offer refunds,  but it can take a while.

Your best bet is to use a travel agent.

Save Groupon for outings with friends or gifts at Christmas.


Let’s say you and a friend are out to eat.

The bill comes around, and you’re trying to decide who pays what.

You could write everything out on a napkin and divide it that way.

But why do that when you have a smartphone?

The Tab app for iOS enables you to split your dining bill evenly.

Snap a picture of the receipt and have everyone touch the screen to claim their items.

That’s all there is to it.

Tab will handle the math and even tell you the tip to leave.

That way, you can enjoy the rest of your evening.


Ever get impatient wondering when a package is supposed to arrive?

Want to make sure you’re getting the best deal?

Then you need a hack like Slice.

Slice searches through your Gmail or Yahoo account to find and track your ordering information.

When your package arrives at the post office in your area, Slice will ping your phone.

The app also keeps track of receipts making returns a breeze.

The best part though is that Slice will inform you if an item you bought drops in price, and will help you get a refund.

Slice will also tell you about product recalls, so you and your family can stay safe.

Remember the Milk

We’ve all forgotten this one before.

Remember the Milk is a free task management app that puts all your to-dos in one place.

There’s no other hack like it.

You can assign tasks in the app and set reminders that will ping your phone.

The map feature allows you to see where different errands take place and how close they are together.

It also syncs up with Evernote and Siri can add tasks to the list if you ask her too.

You can also share jobs with others, though the app is geared more toward personal use.

While free to download, the pro version of Remember the Milk allows you to sync your to-do lists across multiple platforms, so you can always know what you’re doing.


Now that we’ve covered personal apps let’s move on to a hack like Slack that will ease your work life.

Slack is a communications app designed for the workplace.

You can chat with individuals or in a topic-specific group, referred to as a channel.

Send data files to your boss.

Check in with project team members.

Make plans for the weekend or share a GIF with co-workers.

It’s all possible on Slack.

You can even go beyond the workplace.

Connect with people that share similar interests.

Talk about issues.

With Slack, you can share anything, at work or anywhere.

Genius Scan

Did you know you could turn your phone into a document scanner?

No, it’s not magic.

It’s Genius Scan.

With a hack like Genius Scan, you can take pictures of important documents and convert them to PDFs.

You can then send those PDFs anywhere right from your phone.

It’s excellent if your work takes you away from the office or if you work from home.

It operates automatically.

Usually, you only have to instruct it to take a photograph.

The app does the rest.

It’ll outline what it sees and snap the picture.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of OCR with this app, so you won’t be able to read text.

However, the premium version allows you to export your files to the cloud for easy storage.

You can also password protect sensitive PDFs for greater security.


This app’s been around for a while.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

Outlook is the hub for all your business emails.

Sort messages by file size for easy cleaning.

Take advantage of near limitless storage.

Ignore irrelevant emails and never worry about ad bombardment.

You can even restore deleted messages.

A hack like Outlook may not replace your Gmail, but it does allow you to operate within a friendly UI environment.


We send and receive hundreds of gigabytes worth of files every day.

Things can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Though not if you have a hack like Dropbox.

Dropbox is a highly versatile cloud storage service that grants you access to your files from anywhere.

This app is free to download, but if you want to get the most out of it, you should get the pro version.

The pro version comes with a terabyte of storage space (as opposed to the two gigs you get with the free version).

You also gain priority support if something goes wrong.

With Dropbox, you have no file size limit.

You can use it seamlessly alongside most of your other apps.

Data automation services like Zapier or IFTTT love Dropbox too.

When it comes to storing your files, trust the app with the most experience.

Hack Like a Boss

Let’s face it, life is tough.

But in an age so dominated by technology, you can make it easier than ever.

Let your smartphone take the hassle out of your day-to-day, so you don’t get stressed out.

Got any more ways to hack like you’re in the matrix?

Want to learn other ways to make life easier?

Leave a comment below or contact us today.

We’re always looking for new ways to make life a little smoother for you.

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