12 Healthy Life Hacks to Help You Prevent a Heart Attack


There’s no reason to take your chances with your heart health when heart attacks and other diseases are easily preventable.

Not only that, but if you can get into the habit of these healthy life hacks, your general health will increase drastically.

These are habits that several very healthy people have adopted. They may seem simple, but including these in your daily routine can be the key to lengthening your life span.

We’ve assembled a list of 12 easy things to keep your heart safe and beating proudly.

Healthy life hacks to prevent a heart attack

Ready to combat heart attack with some healthy life hacks? We’ve got 12 of the best right here for you.

Get enough sleep

Sometimes it seems like all of our problems can be solved with a good night’s sleep. That would be easy – if we could get it, right?

The facts are out there, and they’re pretty brutal: about 1/3 of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a nightly basis. That’s coming to you straight from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sleep can help alleviate many health concerns. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will go into overdrive with stress hormones.

This raises your blood pressure and blood sugar while simultaneously lowering your good cholesterol.

So how much sleep should you be getting to stave off any heart conditions or disease in general? Aim for about 7 to 8 hours per night.

Get zen

A great way to keep any potential heart conditions at bay is to start with the brain.

It sounds counterintuitive. How can your brain – your mindset, specifically – influence your heart? It’s not like you can just will your heart to beat at a regular rate.

However, taking some time to calm down and lower your anxieties has the benefit of lowering your stress hormones.

If you take the time to meditate every day (only for about 10 minutes or so), you can significantly decrease your risk for heart attack. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a great healthy life hack.


There’s a huge focus in this day and age about eating right and being healthy and kicking any and all junk food and sugar out of your diet. For starters, that’s definitely not a bad way to go.

However, one of the best healthy life hacks is to let yourself indulge now and then. Keep in mind that this is referring to something specific: dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids. These are nutrients and antioxidants. While they’re found in fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate is also a great way to get them.

These flavonoids can help improve blood flow to the brain and heart. They can also lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of blood clots.

It’s important to keep in mind that you want to find a dark chocolate without a ton of processed sugar. You’ll want to keep it around 70% cocoa – and to one square.

Avoid midnight snacks

This may seem nonsensical. We just told you to indulge in some chocolate, and now we’re telling you not to eat it at the best time.

However, there is some supporting evidence that the time you eat may have an effect on your blood pressure.

If you eat dinner within two hours of going to sleep, there’s a chance your blood pressure could increase. That puts you at a higher risk of a heart attack, particularly if you already have high blood pressure.

Keep in mind that this evidence isn’t conclusive. However, spacing out your meals and the time you go to bed could make this one of the life-saving, healthy life hacks.

Be proactive

You need to care about your health in between your doctor visits. More importantly, you need to care about your health enough to actually go to your scheduled doctor visits.

An annual check-up can detect early on if there’s anything going on with your heart. This means you can take the steps you need to get treatment.

Your doctor can put you on an aspirin regimen in order to keep your heart in working order.

Remember: you only get one body. There’s nothing to be afraid of by going into the shop to get it checked up.

Brush your teeth

This one seems kind of dumb. Can you believe one of our healthy life hacks is to brush your teeth?

It seems simple, and it really is. You don’t even have to adopt this into your habits: You’re already brushing your teeth at least twice daily (hopefully!).

While this is based on a single study, the results were telling. Those who brushed their teeth with a certain toothpaste reduced their plaque by 49%. Inflammation in the body (including the heart) fell by 29%.

Keeping your dental health in check could help lower your risk of a heart attack.

Quit smoking

If you smoke, you probably see the writing on the wall everywhere. Smoking is dangerous. It’s one of the worst things you could do to your body – legally.

A Swedish trial concluded that men who had never smoked or had quit 20 years before the study actually had their risk of heart attack lowered by 36%.

In the UK, a women’s study showed that those who quit smoking by age 30 or 40 gained an extra 11 years on their lifespan.

Not only does it keep you from heart attacks, quitting smoking can reduce your risk of cancer and respiratory disease, so the research adds up.

Keep your diet clean

Just because dark chocolate is one of our healthy life hacks doesn’t mean that you can eat it all the time. To keep your risk of heart attack at bay, you need to eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

This can also help prevent diabetes and cancer.

Just what should your diet look like? It needs to be full of fruits and vegetables. Remember those flavonoids we mentioned earlier? You won’t be hurting for them if you revamp your diet correctly.

You want 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day – at least. Additionally, you want 4 servings of whole grains, 1 serving of reduced-fat dairy, and 2 servings of healthy fish per week.

Lose weight

If you follow that diet plan, there’s a good chance you can lose weight – which is another one of our healthy life hacks!

Belly fat, in particular, is a big culprit that you want to get rid of.

Epidemiologists are showing that your waist-to-hip ratio and the circumference of your waist may be a better indicator of your health than your total weight.

What makes belly fat so insidious? It surrounds your vital organs, which makes it visceral fat.

Losing the belly fat can give you a 12% lower risk of heart attack than others.

Just one beer

Drinking alcohol in moderation can reduce your risk of heart disease, and that includes heart attacks and stroke.

That doesn’t mean you should go crazy with decadence and hit the bottle every night. Once you start drinking more than 1 or 2 drinks per day, the benefits are outweighed by the negatives.

However, if you manage to consume your alcohol in moderation, you can reduce your risk of heart attack.


It may seem like a given that exercise can make for a healthy heart. Movement gets your blood pumping and it gets your heart rate up.

However, it’s easy, and it’s legitimate. That makes it one of our healthy life hacks.

Men who walk or cycle 40 minutes per day and do other exercises at least an hour a week may have a 3% lower chance of a heart attack.

Not only that, but exercise can help strengthen your bones and your muscles. It can also benefit your respiratory system and help ward off dementia.

Remember what we said about stress hormones increasing your risk for a heart attack? The more you exercise, the more stress relief you’ll find.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure

It’s entirely possible to check your blood pressure at home. The ease of it makes it one of our healthy life hacks to keep a heart attack at bay.

At-home monitors for your blood pressure are available, and they’re pretty inexpensive. They’re also user-friendly, even if you’re not a fan of technology.

There are several resources available to help look up what your numbers ultimately mean. However, if you have any questions, your family doctor will likely be more than happy to answer them.


Your cardiovascular health is something that you absolutely don’t want to play around with. We live in a time where life moves pretty fast. We’re constantly surrounded by junk food and other unhealthy habits as the cheapest and easiest options.

However, it’s important to take control of your life and your health. If you won’t, then who will?

Do you have any healthy life hacks to boost your heart health? Any secret tips we can try to keep our lives happy and stress-free? Don’t be afraid to drop us a line!

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