5 Emojis in the Emoji Keyboard App That People Use Without Understanding What They Mean


Like it or not, emojis are everywhere and they’re not going anywhere! They can offer a way for people to communicate emotion while they are texting, messaging, and emailing. In fact, they’re an integral part of communicating on dating apps as well.

Emojis are fast, they’re obvious, and they can be taken the wrong way if you’re not careful with your emoji keyboard app. There is a psychology to emoji keyboard app usage that many emoji users simply do not realize exists as well as a history, even though it doesn’t go back very far.

There is a right way and a wrong way to use the emoji keyboard app and this article will give you a bit of insight. Currently, there are over 1,000 emojis in existence and 90% of people who are online use emojis and emoticons on a regular basis.

You can, in fact, submit your own emoji, but it does have to meet certain criteria like the expectation of mass adoption. You can’t just coin your own emoji for you and your friends. That’s the thing about emojis — they’re meant to be universal expressions of emotion overriding language, cultural, and intellectual barriers.

According to a recent study by the psychology journal Trends In Cognitive Sciences, the most popular emojis in usage are symbols are happy faces, sad faces, and hearts. Hand gesture related emoji keyboard app symbols are not far behind.

These are pretty universal across various age groups, relationship statuses, and people of varying technical abilities. They also don’t look drastically different from one device or operating system to another. In addition, they’re some of the first that were ever in existence.

However, there are many others that do not carry the same universality. We’ve compiled a list of five selections you’re making on your emoji keyboard app that so many people use without having any idea what they mean or what their origins are. Here they are:

1. Information Desk Person

What people think this emoji means:

This little woman with her arm extended with her hand up looks a bit like she’s being sassy and the words “Oh honey, I know” or “Oh girl” may be about to come out of her mouth, but that was not what Apple had envisioned when they approved it and it’s certainly not what the original designers and developers had in mind.

You probably just sent this in conjunction with your latest announcement to your friend that you’re getting your hair done today. They may have even understood it. That doesn’t make it right.

What this emoji actually means:

This emoji was approved of as Person Tipping Hand as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.  From there, it was generally accepted that this lady could be used to express the term “Information Desk Person,” which still extends from the concept of being of service as far as her hand is reached. Bellhop and concierge are also typically fairly acceptable descriptions of this emoji.

However, so many people have used it to express feelings of a sassy nature, people will usually take it as that, but if you receive a message with that emoji in relation to business, don’t assume you’re getting a hand waved in your face. Especially if you’re traveling internationally for business, your first assumption should be that the person is indicating some kind of assistance of a technical nature. They’re not trying to sass you, at least not intentionally.

2. People With Bunny Ears Partying

What people think this emoji means

Let’s party. Ok. It kind of does mean that, but if you ask someone at a party next time why two seemingly conjoined twins symbolizing having a party, they probably won’t know. What kind of party? A party with lots of ladies wearing bunny ears, side by side. Who doesn’t enjoy that? It sounds like a pretty good time to be had by all.

What this emoji actually means

These are “bunny girls,” which are, in a basic sense, Japan’s answer to Playboy Bunnies, but they are actually not considered to be human by any stretch of the imagination. They are a human plus animal hybrid that is often represented in anime.

If you’re using it to extend friendship or invite someone to a party, you’re not doing it wrong, but you may want to be careful depending on which platform you’re using and how well you know the person you’re sending this off to.

When you’re using this one with your emoji keyboard app on SnapChat, it can come off as very sexually suggestive. In many circles, it’s a symbol of cosplay and explicit anime.

We’re not judging, but if that’s not the vibe you’re trying to send out, avoid this emoji, even if you’re not in Japan. Plenty of people worldwide are very hip to Japanese culture and anime, not to mention cosplay, even if you’re not. Be careful with this emoji keyboard app selection.

3. Name Badge

What people think this emoji means

If you’re about to put this in a thrower and place a bag of crap in it, you’re doing it wrong. It’s not a flame. It’s not on fire. Stop using it that way and encourage others to cut it out as well.

Or, maybe you thought it was something related to Tinder. Looks a bit like the logo, right? Why not give it a shot? No. Please do not roll the dice on this one. The meaning is as far from either of those guesses as you can even imagine.

What this emoji actually means

It’s a name badge and what looks like a flame is actually a tulip. Why? Because in Japan, children often wear name badges that look just like this. Pretty adorable, isn’t it?

Drop that one in your next Tinder conversation and impress your next match. Surprisingly, the name badge emoji is not one of the most used on the app. Now you’ll really stand out because not only do you know how to use the emoji properly, but you also know a bit about Japanese culture. You’re welcome.

4. Japanese Ogre

What people think this emoji means

If someone is being super creative when they’re not looking up meanings to their emoji keyboard app selections, they have been known to make the assumption that it’s a character from the beloved children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are.” Less creative types just think it’s a monster.

Well, the less creative types are a little closer to knowing what this little guy is.

What this emoji actually means

It’s a Japanese ogre and he’s not angry, evil, or a monster. This is a character from folklore called Namahage and he’s generally a good guy, often misunderstood by those not hip to Japanese culture (that seems to be the root of many an emoji misunderstanding on this list).

There’s an old tradition in Japan that men would dress as Namahage to ward off evil spirits from homes. If you send it to someone, they might think you’re angry, but if you’re angry when you’re sending this good-spirited ogre, you’re both wrong!

5. Person Gesturing OK

What People Think This Emoji Means

Is she doing yoga? Is she a ballerina? Is she striking a pose? Maybe she’s in a deodorant commercial feeling very confident about not having underarm sweat. You have no idea and you’re using it anyway.

There is a very strong chance that you have recently sent this particular emoji off without much of an intention because you threw your own hands up trying to figure out what it means and why you sent it to anyone. Well, none of your remote guesses were correct.

What this emoji actually means

The original intention by the designer was a gender-neutral person giving an ok, but Apple introduced it as a woman and Microsoft introduced it as a man. It’s generally displayed as a woman on most devices and platforms.

The idea is that the person is making an “O” shape for “OK” with their arms over their head. This one is probably the most surprising emoji that we’ve listed so we understand if this one is still going over your head (get it? OK?). Extend your arms over your head right now to signal that you’ve read this and you now understand this particular symbol on your emoji keyboard app.

What about the rest of the plethora of symbols on your emoji keyboard app? With so many to choose from, you don’t want to limit yourself and you may even want to go wild and crazy and use multiple emojis to express how you feel in a text, message, or social media update.

How To Find Out What Each Symbol On Your Emoji Keyboard App Means

It’s like learning another language with new symbols being integrated into digital culture frequently. Here are some ways to research the actual meanings of emojis. Take some time and study up so you can impress your friends, family, and coworkers!

On A Mac – Hover your cursor over the emoji and it will be labeled with a description of what it means or you can use the emoji connoisseur by going to Menu Bar > Edit > Emoji & Symbols. This will bring all of the symbols up at once.

On Any Device – Download an emoji dictionary app for your Apple or Android device or visit emojipedia.org to search emojis by entering a symbol or by entering words to find an emoji you want to use.

Before you use an emoji, know what it means! Proper emoji usage matters.

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