15 Useful Life Hacks to Help You Become an Early Morning Person


As the great Michael Scott said, “I’m an early bird and I’m a night owl. So I’m wise and I have worms.”

But that’s not always the case.

We are usually born either night owls or morning people.

However, things do change.

Some people have to switch their internal clocks due to their job or school schedules.

But if you are a night owl looking to change your ways to a morning person, there are plenty of ways you can do so.

If you are ready to become an early morning person, read on to see the fifteen useful life hacks to get you there!

1. Hit the Hay Early

This may be a no-brainer. But you have to get your full night’s sleep if you are going to evolve into an early morning person.

In order to be a functioning human being the next day, your body needs a least 8 hours of sleep.

Studies show that if you are over the age of 17, you need between 7-9 hours of sleep.

This may take some self-control at first. Especially if you are used to staying up all hours of the night.

But once you start this routine, you’ll find it easier to get into your bed quicker each night.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s one thing to sleep a full eight or so hours, but it is another to actually get quality sleep.

How can you make sure that you’re getting great sleep?

Thanks to technology, there are tons of ways we can track our sleep patterns. Smartphone watches and fitness bands are excellent ways to track your sleep.

These types of devices will let you know when you were entering deep sleep, or whether or not you were restless during the night.

If you are not willing to shell out the cash these require, there are other ways to ensure that you’re sleeping well.

Some ways to get the best rest:

  • Leave your phone alone. The blue screens from laptops and cell phones can completely mess with your brain, causing you to find it harder to fall asleep.
  • Reduce all light. While you’re putting you’re putting your phone away and turning the TV off, make sure you’re removing all lights from your room. This way your brain can calm down, ensuring you get good rest.
  • Attempt to wind down. If you’re having trouble winding down before you fall asleep, you may become more restless during your rest time. Try meditating or reading before you lay down to get your body prepared for hibernation.

3. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

If you are struggling to get everything together in the morning, this can make early morning routines a drag.

But if you prepare the night before, you’ll find yourself having more time to enjoy the morning. And hey, maybe even a cup of coffee!

Some things you can do the night before:

  • Set out your next day’s clothes.
  • Prep your lunch for the next day.
  • Gather all your work or school necessities and have them ready to grab and go!
  • Shower before you head to bed.

4. Watch What You Eat

No, we’re not telling you to go on a diet on top of becoming an early morning person.

But we are telling you that you’ll trick your brain into liking the early morning by watching what you eat before bed.

Stay away from caffeine at least 4-6 hours before you plan on hitting the pillow. Also, make sure that you cut back on smoking and alcohol. These addictive substances can leave you sleeping restlessly.

5. Stop Napping

Now you’re probably thinking we’re just trying to ruin your day.

But seriously, stop napping for so long. If you are taking naps longer than a half hour per day, you will find yourself not able to fall asleep at night.

Not being able to fall asleep results in dreading the early morning.

6. Exercise Earlier

If you’re an active person who exercises a lot, you already know that physical activity gives you tons of energy.

That’s why it’s best to leave your workout for some time well before bedtime. If your schedule allows, try exercising before work or school.

7. Eat Breakfast

If an early morning doesn’t excite you, what about food in the early morning?

Eating a good, filling breakfast is a great way to start your day. Not only is it the most important meal of your day, it is the perfect way to wake you up.

8. Stop Snoozing

We’ve all done it. Some of us more than others.

That ever loved “snooze” button is something we all hit.

But did you know it’s affecting your sleep? Every single time you hit the snooze button, you’re setting yourself up for an even more exhausting early morning.

Constantly restarting your sleep cycle will end up making you more tired throughout the day.

9. Move Your Alarm Clock

If you are still struggling not to touch the snooze button, you may want to move your alarm clock to another room.

Some people even set their alarm clock in the hallway outside their bedroom.

This not only prevents you from hitting the snooze button every several minutes, but it forces you to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you get out of bed, it will be more difficult to get back in.

10. Get Some Sun

Yep, you can trick your body into waking up in the early morning with just a little bit of light.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, make sure you open up your blinds to let in the sunlight.

Awake before the sun comes up? Make sure you start flipping the lights on.

The exposure to light automatically lets your body know that it’s time to be awake.

This is one of the quickest ways to begin your journey on becoming an early bird!

11. Gradually Wake Up Earlier

Switching from an eight o’clock wake-up time to a five o’clock one will jar anyone. Like any other routine, you will end up sticking to it if you start from the bottom and work your way up.

Set goals for yourself. Each day say that you will wake up a few minutes earlier.

Your body will start to adapt and you will eventually find yourself waking up earlier and earlier.

12. Force Yourself to Get Up

Sometimes it is as simple as getting up and doing it!

This may seem easier said than done, but it is a surefire way to get you up and moving.

If you need a little motivation, think of that delicious first cup of coffee you’ll have time to enjoy!

13. Set an Incentive

Can’t find any of that motivation to force yourself out of bed?

Go ahead and create one! If you are not into the early morning because you dread what you have to do when you wake up, that’s not going to inspire you to wake up.

Is there something that you want to work on or incorporate into your day? Do you find it hard to create time to do that task?

Take waking up early as your time of day to get things accomplished you normally wouldn’t have time for.

Those extra early morning minutes will give you plenty of time to get everything you need done.

14. Make Plans Early

Are you able to set your own schedule? Work part-time?

These situations allow you to make your own schedule. So if you are given the chance to set an appointment or meeting, make sure you’re setting them early in the morning.

This will not only fall into the incentive category, but they’ll get you out of bed to start your day. Once you are up and out, you’ll be able to start your day without thinking about heading back to bed.

15. Make It Routine

What’s the saying? If you do something three times in a row it becomes a habit?

Your early morning routine is going to take some time. And it isn’t going to happen overnight (literally!).

It will take some adjustments – but it should become routine.

Make a point to create a bedtime and morning routine that works for your schedule. This way, you won’t be setting yourself up for failure.

Final Words on How to Become an Early Morning Person

Some people wake up with a smile and birds cheerfully singing on their windowsill.

Some people wake up looking like Oscar the Grouch.

If you are of the latter variety, you may be struggling to establish yourself as a newly minted morning person.

There are several ways that you can switch things up a bit to start your days a little earlier.

Make sure that you’re getting a good, quality sleep that will prepare you for the next day.

You also want to ensure that you are taking steps in the right direction to establish a bedtime and morning routine.

All things worth doing do take time, so just try and establish a routine and work on it each day.

Have you recently started a new morning routine? Are you a night owl turned early bird? Let us know in the comments!

And, if you have an activity or task that needs hacks, feel free to contact us and we will have it covered!

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