5 Men’s Clothing Trends That Are Taking Over the Fashion World


Let’s talk Summer 2017 men’s clothing trends.

It’s a good time to be a man when it comes to fashion.

Top designers are bringing us fabulous fun fashions.  Men can think outside the box, give flashes of color, and mix-n-match prints.

Out is the skinny legged pant, body molded suits, and drab colorless prints.

Fun is in, like 90’s themed sportswear, army inspired camouflage; and sun-kissed yellows.

Men’s clothing trends take shape in signature pieces that can be paired with older pieces and still make a statement.

The canvas is in the hand and imagination of the man. Contours and shapes lend way to fashionable layered looks. Go from morning to afternoon to evening by taking off or adding on.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. Now, let’s take a look at the must have’s.

Pastels, Patterns, Plaids Oh My

Go big, go bold, or stay home.

That’s the rule for men’s clothing trends. Patterns are leading the way.

The hottest pattern in men’s clothing trends will be army inspired camouflage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweatshirt, pants or a stylish Givenchy statement overcoat.

Whether it is patchwork, abstract or mashed-up camouflage is the way to go.

Every man’s wardrobe needs to include the trendiest pieces in the urban jungle.

Subtle hints of pastels will breathe life into the casual. Ignore the runway model drenched in pinks, blues and purples.

All you will need to stand out is a pop of tickle me pink or periwinkle blue.

If you can’t stop yourself and have to go all out, go bold with yellow.

During fashion week, yellow made a huge splash in men’s clothing trends.

Make an exclamation mark in a bold polo and shorts by Hermès or rain gear by Gucci. Alexander McQueen rolled out a stylish trench coat and Pigalle’s warm-up suit was a classic.

Free expression in gender neutral styles make a statement.

Plaid pants, bold stripes and sheer tees, all made the cut.

Plaid is a timeless staple that has moved beyond the flannel shirt. Standout in plaid suits, shorts, shirts and more.

If your mother taught you to stay within the lines, show and tell. Chambray shirts in baby blue or go all out in brazen colorful pants.

This next trend for 2017 is an indulgence but not for those who over-indulge. Be bicep and six-pack ready if you plan on wearing the sheer tee.

Unlike last year’s lace, the sheer tee bares it all.

If patterns are really your style, Pharrell Williams released a 20 print denim collection. The line honors the 20th anniversary of G-Star’s Elwood jeans.

Retool the Denim

Bleach splattered, decorative patch or ripped, it comes back in new amazing ways.

Skinny jeans are out for most. But hey, if you have the look, run with it.

This season is trending towards a more relaxed fit. The 90’s Levi’s 501 stonewashed sensation is back.

Another summer must have is the light wash denim. If you decided to be brave ad jump on the one-piece jumpsuit train, go with the light wash variety.

Otherwise, a loose fitting jacket for those cool summer nights will do just fine. Be unbothered and pair it with a white or sheer statement tee.

Don’t let the girls have all the fun. Hit the streets with strategically sexy rips and holes.

Tattered denim is growing in popularity among men.  Open knee, frayed hems, and take-a-look tears are on the rise in men’s clothing trends.

The more slashes the better.

Have a statement to make? Do it with decorative patches.

Big and bold looks are best for denim jackets so go ahead and express yourself. Rep your favorite motif from the 90’s. Recycle the fabric from some old clothes.

This fashion trend will be huge for summer music festivals.

Of all the denim looks for 2017, nothing says trendy like bleach splattered denim.

Miharayasuhiro spelled it out. Gucci punked it. Diesel Black Gold tiered it. No matter the designer, bleach splattered denim is in.

Bell-bottoms Are Still Dead But the Wide-leg Pant Is Making a Comeback

The skinny-legged pants had a good run. This season men are looking for a more relaxed fit.

Back in the day, high-waters were for nerds. In this trending comeback, flood length pants are hip.

Gucci, Issey Miyake, Pigalle, and Christopher Kane all went for this fashion forward look in men’s clothing trends for 2017.

The best part of this look…it pairs nicely with untucked dress shirts and tees.

Taking it to the extreme, some designers went with a high-waist wide leg trousers. This look took the hemline a few inches south.

Dries Van Noten expressed his look in camouflage.  While Lemaire gave us subdued black trousers. Both give extra long, extra wide pant legs.

The longer wide-leg trousers are a perfect fit for that jazz club outing. Or maybe an evening at the cigar bar with friends.

When It Comes to Suits Wear What You Like

A man’s wardrobe is not complete unless he has a few good stylish suits.

Suits are worn year-round so make them an expression of your true self.

Before we get into what’s hot in men’s suits, make sure the style you choose is a good fit.

Cut Matters

Made to measure suits is a man’s best friend. Let’s be honest, the slim fit suit, no matter how trendy, isn’t for everyone. The slim fit isn’t going anywhere but the relaxed look is back.

Once your cut and style have been determined color and design is next.

Versatility is the word of the day. Be bold, be daring, be true to self.

Color Outside the Lines

Color is the order of the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tee or a three-piece suit.

Embrace color.  Bold colors, multiple colors and traditional colors. Olive green, vibrant reds, subdued blues or classic black, gray or navy.  Wear what you like.

Cultivate Your Style

Since we’re reaching back to the 90’s this season, grab hold to the loose fitting suit. You know, Don Johnson, Miami Vice style.

Now you have a reason to wear that pink suit and lose the tie.

Want to really be daring?  Incorporate lines. Upgrade the pinstripe. There’s no rule that you must have a single parallel line in a single color. Try two lines two widths and two colors.

Speaking of lines, plaid is front and center. The bigger the box the better. Stay away from the cookie-cutter tuxedo and go with a plaid jacket. It works best in darker shades of red, blue and green.

The final word on suits. They still work for job interviews. However, stick with the basic navy, gray and black. Consider pairing with a nice pastel shirt.  Ties can be optional.

Remember, you’re dressing for confidence. If you feel good, others will notice.

Backpacks and Man Bags the Perfect Accessory in 2017 Men’s Fashion Trends

Figure out what you need to wear first and then accessorize.

The hottest accessory in men’s fashion trends is bags and backpacks.

They are fun, stylish and an awesome addition to every style.

Bags this season come in a variety of sizes, textures and fabrics.

Size does matter in men’s clothing trends this year.

Man bags come in an array of sizes, styles and patterns. From backpacks to messengers to the overnight bag, we have you covered.

For the busy man whose day includes the gym, work and a sleepover; you may need a tactile backpack.

Not the military kind, but a more stylish contemporary version. This year’s trend calls for more earth tones and supple leather.

They are just the right size to wear on your back. But more fashionable when carried by the handle.

Straps, zippers and multiple compartments make this backpack a must have.

All work and no play makes for a dull life. Whether it’s a weekend staycation or trip away from home, you’ll need a good utility bag.

These bags are much larger than the backpack, but just right as a carry-on piece.

The weekend bag has really matured. For the more sophisticated gent, leather is the way to go.

If you’re the more relaxed type go with the duffel bag. This season there are great canvas and cotton bags to fit your taste. And some come in a mixture of leather and sturdy fabrics.

Last up is the cross-shoulder satchel, also called a messenger bag.

Structured and masculine, this bag is for the modern man. They come in canvas but for this look, you want to go for leather. Rich leather that is built to last and age well.

Now You Know What’s Hot and What’s Not in Men’s Clothing Trends

Don’t be shy, get out there and make your presence known with these 2017 men’s clothing trends.

Don’t run away from colors and patterns.  Let your style say bold, confident, trend-setter.

Partner that favorite pair of jeans, or that comfy shirt with a fashion-forward blazer.

Above all, make a statement that lets the world know that you have arrived.

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