4 ways to lose weight without going to the gym


You might be happy to learn it is possible to lose weight without going to the gym.

While exercise can aid weight loss, it isn’t an essential part of losing weight.

Not sure how to do so? We’re offering 4 ways you can lose weight without going to the gym.

1. Change Your Eating Habits

The best way to lose weight without going to the gym is by changing your diet.

If you are consuming too many saturated fats, sugar or calories, your waistline will pay the price.

So, you must make healthy changes to witness results, and here’s how…

Eat More Veggies

For example, if you find you are snacking on junk food, you should ditch them for more vegetables.

Veggies help to fill you up, so you will be less tempted to snack on all the foods that are bad for you.

What’s more, they can speed up weight loss so you will soon be able to reach your ideal weight.

So, cut up some veggies and pop them in your bag, so you can enjoy a nutritious snack when on the go.

Swap the Vegetable Oil

There are healthy swaps you can make that will not impact your daily diet.

You might not realize it, but vegetable oils (think canola and soybean) are high in omega-6 fatty acids.

What does this mean? Well, it can result in your body experiencing chronic inflammation. As a result, it can lead to weight gain, as well as skin issues.

So, swap vegetable oil for extra virgin olive oil, as it can reduce your blood pressure and appetite.

Enjoy a Meatless Meal

You don’t have to become a vegan to lose weight.

Yet, it can be helpful to enjoy a meatless meal at least once per week.

This will ensure you consume more plant-based protein, which will make you feel fuller.

Research found you will eat 12% fewer calories in a next meal after a vegetarian high-protein dish.

Stock Your Freezer Well

It is often frustrating when returning home from work to find the fridge is empty.

With your stomach rumbling, you might give into temptation and order takeout.

Yet, a frozen protein and veggies might be the one thing that stops you ordering the fatty foods.

So, stock your freezer well with frozen vegetables, fruits, and proteins. That way, you will still have plenty of healthy choices, even if the fridge is empty.

Take a look at these 7 kitchen hacks to get more from your fridge, too!

2. Change Your Drinking Habits

Remember when we said you can lose weight without going to the gym?

Well, you might only need to change your drinking habits to shed the pounds.

For instance, you could…

Take Your Coffee Black

83% of American adults drink coffee regularly.

Many people will fill up their cup with creams, flavored syrups and sugar, too.

Coffee, without all the extras, can be a zero to five calorie drink. So, all those tasty little extras will soon start to show on your waistline.

If you want to lose weight, the only thing you should add to your coffee is hot water.

It will slash your calorie consumption and the pounds.

What’s more, it will also reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, as it will decrease your intake of sugar.

Carry a Water Bottle

That hunger you commonly feel could actually be thirst.

As the same part of your brain controls hunger and thirst, it’s easy for the body to confuse the signals.

It could be a wise idea to carry a water bottle with you, so your body can respond to thirst.

Drinking more water will also help you to feel fuller and can improve your metabolism.

You can lose weight without going to the gym. Yet, if you do go to the gym, ensure you hydrate your body with plenty of fluids.

Switch to 2% Dairy

Not all non-fat products are good for your body.

The European Journal of Nutrition found people who eat full-fat dairy may weigh and gain less. The study was in comparison to people who eat non-fat dairy.

So, why is full-fat better than non-fat? Well, non-fat might be less satisfying.

Also, the fats in full fat will be digested at a slower rate, so it will help to keep a body fuller for longer.

Ditch the Calorie-Laden Drinks

It’s not only sugary coffees that could be playing havoc with your waistline.

Calorie-laden drinks might be causing you to pile on the pounds.

So, it would be a wise move to say goodbye to sugar-filled ice teas and sodas.

Not only that, but they are less satisfying than the consumption of solid foods.

As a result, you might be tempted to consume more of the drinks, which will boost your calorie intake.

So, put down the soda can and opt for a glass of water or black coffee instead.

3. Change Your Lifestyle

Little lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your diet.

Many people are unaware that their daily habits could be impacting their health.

Here’s how you can change your lifestyle…

Reduce Your Stress Levels

You can lose weight without going to the gym. You can even lose weight by just reducing your stress levels.

A good diet might not be all you need to improve your waistline.

According to a study, stress can sometimes counteract healthy food choices.

Cortisol, a stress hormone, can sometimes build up in your body, which can force your body to store fat.

What’s more, it can increase your hunger craving for high-calorie foods. So, you might want to enjoy an unhealthy snack, even if your stomach is full to the brim.

While it is important to focus on a healthy diet, it is just as important to care for your well-being, too.

So, learn to destress and treat yourself to a relaxing massage or indulgent bath.

Is work causing you to turn to the cookies? Click here for stress management activities you can do at work.

Your physical and mental health will thank you for it.

Keep Unhealthy Foods Off Your Desk

We can often look for ways to cheer ourselves up after a long, hard day at work.

If there is a box of cookies or a bag of chips on your desk, you will be more likely to indulge in the unhealthy snack.

So, try to keep unhealthy foods off your desk at work.

This rule also extends to the home, too. Keep junk food out of the cupboard so you won’t give into temptation and indulge.

The less unhealthy foods you can see, the less unhealthy foods you’ll consume.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

If you want to eat less rubbish, you should enjoy more sleep.

A good night’s rest could increase ghrelin, a hunger hormone, in your body. So you will not experience troublesome hunger pangs.

Also, if you are sleep deprived, you might be more likely to ditch cooking healthy meals and snacks. So you might be more likely to turn to junk food for comfort.

There’s never been a better reason to treat yourself to a sleep in or an early night.

4. Change Your Cooking Habits

Your cooking habits could determine your weight on the scales.

The best way to change a diet is in the kitchen.

So, here’s how you can change your cooking habits…

Try New Recipes

If you want to change your diet and lifestyle, add some new recipes to your daily routine.

While you might love cooking up Mom’s recipe every week, it might not be helping your figure.

So, look for new recipes that will be just as tasty and less calorific.

Sometimes you only need to break out of your comfort zone to embrace a whole new diet.

So, look for new, healthier recipes – or find ways to reduce the fat content of your favorite dishes.

Enjoy Date Night at Home

While it is often good to enjoy a date night in a restaurant, the menu can turn a good diet into a bad diet.

So, instead of indulging too much, you can cook up a scrumptious meal for you and your partner.

You will know exactly what has gone into the meal, so you won’t overdo it too much on the calories.

Remember, you can lose weight without going to the gym – but you won’t shed the pounds if you eat the wrong foods.

Ditch the Processed Items

One way to change your cooking habits is to ditch the processed foods once and for all.

Many processed items contain all sorts of sweeteners, flavorings, additives and colorings.

So, stop buying store-bought pizzas and frozen meals. Start creating fresh foods from scratch that will taste just as good, if not better.

You Don’t Have to Follow Trends

You don’t have to follow diet trends to lose weight.

The latest edition of a popular food magazine might claim to have the best new diet, but you can stick to what you know.

If you still enjoy your go-to healthy dishes and they aid weight loss, there’s no reason to follow new recipes.

If anything, following a new diet trend, can be both time-consuming and boring.

So, maintain your healthy lifestyle by sticking with your tried and tested dishes.

If it’s not broke, why fix it?

How to Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

So, do you know now how to lose weight without going to the gym?

It’s all about changing your cooking, drinking, lifestyle and diet habits.

You don’t have to lift weights or jog ten miles a day to lose weight – but exercise can speed up the weight loss process.

Yet, the pounds will fall off you by making healthy choices, removing temptation and changing your cooking habits.

Have you got any weight loss tips we haven’t covered? Write a comment on how you can lose weight without going to the gym.

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