10 Life Hacks to Squeeze in a Workout Schedule


Did you know losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle was the number 1 New Year’s resolution in 2017?

Yes, losing weight is that serious!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who make this resolution never really achieve it! Overall, just 8 percent of people actually meet their New Year’s resolutions.

Lack of funds to afford a gym membership, lack of motivation to hit the gym and inability to stick to a workout schedule are some of the excuses people make for not working out.

However, the biggest reason people don’t break a sweat is a lack of time. Perhaps you’re caught between a demanding job and a busy family life. But however busy your schedule is, you can always find time to work out.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to do just that.

1. Have the Right Mindset

Regardless of how hard you try to squeeze in a workout schedule into your days, you won’t be able to pull it off without the right mindset.

The question is, how do you develop this mindset?

It’s simple, really.

All you need to do is evaluate your current situation and set clear fitness goals. For example, are you overweight? You need to really lose the extra weight, otherwise, you will make yourself a prime candidate for a stroke. Do you want that?

The right mindset involves telling yourself, “no matter how busy I am, I need to have an active workout schedule. It’s the best thing for my health.”

2. Find Pockets of Time in Your Busy Schedule

The next step to squeezing a workout schedule into your super busy life is to try and find pockets of free time.

Seriously, even if you have the busiest of days, there must be times when you have some free minutes on your hands. If it’s work that’s keeping you on your toes, how about squeezing some time off your tea or lunch break? If you usually have a 30-minute lunch break, you can steal 5 or 10 minutes and do some workouts.

Most people usually have this free time, but they think it’s too little to make a significant impact. Sure, it may be just 5 or 10 minutes a day, but working out consistently for months on end will yield positive results. Try it!

What if you don’t have a fixed every-day schedule? Easy!

Go through your diary at the end of each day, see what you have lined up for tomorrow, and try to find small opportunities to work out.

Go through your diary at the end of each day, see what you have lined up for tomorrow, and try to find small opportunities to work out.

3. Find a Workout Partner

Research shows working out with a partner leads to better fitness results.


When you hit the gym with a buddy (especially one you share fitness goals with) you’ll be more motivated to hack it!

If you’re squeezed for time, how about finding a busy buddy who is also struggling to squeeze in a workout schedule into their life?

This is especially perfect for busy professionals. Find a colleague at work who has a similar schedule as you. With such a buddy, you’ll help each other to find pockets of free time in your schedules, and you’ll also motivate each other to keep going no matter how hectic your schedules get.

What’s more, in a workout buddy you’ll have someone with whom you can share exercise tips.

4. Live Near Your Workplace? Workout during Your Commute

Who loves being stuck in traffic jams?

If you’re not rushing somewhere and don’t mind sitting for minutes waiting for it to move, traffic jams can be a time to reflect and have some peace of mind.

But if you’re a busy person with tight deadlines to beat, chances are you’ll curse (goodness knows who!) every time you run into a traffic snarl up during your commute.

How about using the time lost in traffic to work out?

If you live near your workplace, you don’t have to bother driving every day. Walk or cycle to your office.

And if your workplace is far from where you live, or if you must drive, you can work out in your car!

How so?

If your car has armrests, for instance, you can do isometric dips. This involves pushing down on both armrests as you try to raise your body off the seat! Don’t lose focus, though!

5. Turn Your Workstation Into a Gym

We spend most of our adult life sited behind computers.

With advances in fitness technology, we can now workout from the comfort of our own workstations!

However, the kind of workout schedule you adopt largely depends on your office environment or conditions. For instance, some workplaces have office exercise chairs (like the office ball chair) that help employers exercise while doing what they’re paid to do.

If your office offers these chairs (they’re optional in most workplaces) get one for your workstation. Your body will thank you!

What if your office is yet to buy gym chairs? No worries!

In this case, you don’t have to work all day long while sited. Instead, work while standing as often as you can. According to research, even standing up for a minute or two every 20 minutes can lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

6. Busy Mommy? Make Use of a Babysitter

Are you a full-time mom with kids who keep your busy all day long?

It’s understandable that some moms are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving their children under the care of a babysitter, but if you are really determined to shed some pounds and enjoy the many benefits of a good sweat, the idea may not be so bad after all.

If you totally don’t fancy the idea of a babysitter, shift your focus to finding gyms with childcare facilities. Your kids will be kept busy as you work out.

Another option is to ask your partner to step in and help with the kids as you try to establish a regular workout schedule.

Whatever option you go with, don’t feel guilty for sacrificing your time with your kids. There is evidence kids of physically active mothers also grow up to become active kids!

7. Shower Time Can Also Be Workout Time

People sing in the shower. People also workout in the shower!

However crazy it sounds, it’s possible to steal a few minutes from you shower time and break some sweat!

Sure, you could be tired after a long day’s work and all you want is a long warm shower to help you unwind. But if getting fit and staying fit is one of your goals, working out in the shower is a sacrifice you should make.

Use the tub to do triceps dips, or hold air conditioners in both hands and try out bicep curls while doing some squats.

If these exercises don’t work, try to find one that works for you. YouTube, for instance, has a video collection of exercises you can do in the shower.

8. Make the Most of Off Days

In many ways, days off feel like hitting the shower after a long day’s work.

When you have a day off, perhaps all you want to do is catch up on your favorite TV, go for a long drive or spend quality time with family and friends.

Well, that’s fine. But if your aim is to find opportunities for a workout schedule, this is the best time. You can enjoy (yes, enjoy!) extended periods of time in the gym, go for run or cycle around your neighborhood.

9. Hit Your Bed Early

Remember the old adage “early to bed, early to rise?” You can use it to your advantage.

Even after a busy day, it’s not uncommon to find people staying up late. Suddenly they have the time and energy to catch late night news or read.

Sleeping late means you’ll likely wake up late. The end result? You will have an even shorter day to accomplish the day’s tasks.

Going to bed early gives your body enough rest, and you’ll certainly wake up early enough ready to do one or two exercises before embarking on the busy day ahead.

10. Make Use of Tech

We have already mentioned technologies like YouTube and gym chairs, but this is different. Have you heard about artificial intelligence (AI) personal trainers?

Let’s set some context.

You don’t have the time to go to the gym. So you miss the chance to work with a personal trainer who can develop a workout schedule that meets your individual needs.

Ultimately, you give up on working out, because you see no need working out without a trainer.

Now that’s changing, courtesy of AI personal trainers.

These are programs designed to learn your fitness needs and personalize a workout for you. VI is a perfect example!

Time Hacks for a Workout Schedule: The Bottom Line

Regular physical exercise is an important element of living a healthy life.

Unfortunately, family and careers often conspire to ensure we don’t have the time to stick to our workout schedules.

The good news is it’s not entirely impossible. With these time hacks, you now know how to find the time to squeeze in your workout routine.

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